Elucent Even Tone Day Moisturiser SPF 30

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Correct discolouration and dark spots with the Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 30, which uses emblica fruit extract and safflower seed oil to brighten skin and increase cell turnover. Enriched with vitamins B3 and E to even skin tone and increase elasticity, this moisturiser also contains SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen to further protect skin against sun damage without clogging pores.


Elucent Even Tone Day Moisturiser SPF 30


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After cleansing and applying the Spot Corrector to areas of pigmentation and spots left by acne scarring, I applied two to three pumps of moisturiser to my face. As the moisturiser contains SPF 30 I was careful not to skimp so that I’d obtain the appropriate level of coverage for skin protection. I used a primer on top before applying my light coverage foundation. I found that the moisturiser left my skin quite oily and greasy and it felt like it was never properly absorbed into my skin. For reference, my skin is normal to dry so a thicker moisturiser is not usually a problem for me especially in winter. To reduce some of the shine, I switched to a mineral powder foundation, however it didn’t make much difference. I found that I still had to blot my face afterwards with blotting paper to reduce the shine and greasy look. On some days I would experiencing problems with pilling at the time of applying liquid foundation or during the day when I accidentally touched my face. This was a bit of a nuisance as I wear light make up most days so if I didn’t properly check my face before leaving the house, I would have bits of balled up makeup on my face! After using both the Spot Corrector and Day Moisturiser in the morning, I started to experience a tickly or itchy sensation on my face and neck. Three to four days after using the three products, I also awoke to an allergic reaction on the bottom of my chin and neck with a lot of tiny bumps but they were not itchy. I stopped using the products until my skin cleared up. After using the three products a second time, in addition to the itchiness, my eyes became very dry and itchy which was very uncomfortable as a contact lens wearer. The skin on my face became very dry and tight, initially I had thought this was due to the windy weather we had experienced however this dryness persisted and was very uncomfortable. I again ceased using the products and reverted to my usual skincare products and after a week used the three products again. I only used the day care routine of Spot Corrector and Day Moisturiser and again felt very itchy for a couple of days even though I had stopped using the products after that morning.  Even if I didn’t have an adverse reaction to the product, I found that as the moisturiser caused pilling and left my skin looking quite greasy and oily, it was not very enjoyable to use and therefore I would not recommend to others.
Didn’t care for this at all.  It left a white cast on my face, making me look ghostly pale so foundation is necessary, but this cream causes foundation to pill, so totally wasn’t worth the trouble caused from use.  The SPF isn’t great at only 15 and I’m certain it’s meant to be more of a preventative from further pigmentation rather than treatment for existing pigmentation.  Overall saw no benefit from this, but some definite cons.  Not worth the time and frustration when there are some really excellent facial sunscreens out there that can give you better protection and wear a lot nicer than this one.
This is a great moisturiser for sun protection. Containing spf 30 it provides great protection for face and importantly my décolletage which has sun damage, it’s great for fading the appearance of this damage. The cream has quite a thick consistency which means I have to rub it in for a while to make it disappear. I have tried a few products from this range and really like them. The moisturiser is packaged nicely and easy to use with the pump, it’s a bit pricey, however a little goes a long way. I love the addition of safflower oil and vitamins, goodness for skin. I liked this product and would recommend it
I cam back from a very sunny adventure and got a dark chocolate tan. Usually, tans stay around for a while but with the Elucent Day cream, my skin rapidly returns to its normal tone. I just wished that the SPF was higher and that there were more active skin lightening ingredients.
My favourite thing about this moisturiser would have to be that it packs a real punch, containing SPF 30. This has a bit of a heavy consistency and does come out thickish. Additionally, when you first place it on the skin, it takes a bit of rubbing in to get the whitish cast to skin in, not to mention time. This also has a faint sunscreen scent. I like all the additives in it to help out the skin, like vitamins E and C. I went out into some really harsh sun for prolonged periods of time when I started using this, and my skin held up well with this on the face - so in my books, it's an excellent face cream!