Embryolisse Active Water Face Mist

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Embryolisse Active Water Face Mist is a four-in-one face mist derived from a patented Japanese medical technology. The Active Water is 100% natural and unique in its richness in minerals and negative ions. A little miracle for the skin, the Active Water soothes and refreshes, removes pollution, brightens the skin and cleanses/removes makeup. A glowing, even complexion and refined texture is achieved in just a few sprays. Suitable for all skin types.



Embryolisse Active Water Face Mist


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Soothing, brightening, refreshing

Gorgeous product. This active water face mist is cooling and refreshing and visibly brightens my skin. A few spritzes is all I need so it’s great value for money. Since using this my skin is brighter with a more even skin tone and it looks fresher, not as tired. I use this morning and night for best results and it actually works. It sets make up beautifully and also works to remove it at the end of the day. It smells lovely and is quite a luxe high end product. I absolutely love this and highly recommend it