Embryolisse Hydra-Mask (Masque Creme Hydratant)

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Embryolisse Hydra-Mask (Masque Creme Hydratant) is a hydrating mask that combines the hydrating effect of a mask and the effectiveness of a cream to restore hydration levels to rehydrate and soften whilst improving the overall tone and radiance of the skin. Addressing dry skin concerns, the formula  contains Vitamin A, E and F, Hyaluronic Acid, Almond Oil and Beeswax to restructure and reinforce the cutaneous skin barrier for lasting moisture in the skin. This mask can also be used as an overnight mask for dry skin types. Simply place a small towel over your pillow before drifting to sleep and awake with a healthy glow. Paraben free. Tested under dermatological supervision.



Embryolisse Hydra-Mask (Masque Creme Hydratant)


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