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endota New Age Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum is an anti-ageing serum that helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin looking plump. The serum contains antioxidant-rich botanical stem cells which protect skin from free radicals and revitalise the complexion, while sodium hyaluronate helps plump and smooth skin.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus Certified Organic.


endota New Age Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum


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I was really excited for this serum as it is my first time trying out a product from Endota Spa and because I love Hyaluronic Acid serums for my dehydrated skin.   The serum has a thicker, gooey, gel-like texture that turns into a watery consistency as you spread it out on the skin. It does take some time for the serum to be absorbed into the skin so I usually use it at night when I am not in much of a hurry. Once patted in and completely absorbed, I did not feel any sticky residue left on my skin but instead, my skin felt soft, plump, matte and smooth. I loved the immediate plumping and hydrating effect that it gives and it goes well underneath other skincare/makeup that I layer on top of it. I also noticed that it did a great job at reducing the fine lines/expression lines around my eyes, forehead and mouth area the next morning so I wake up to plumper skin whenever I use the serum! It does not completely remove the expression lines on my forehead but then again, I don't think any product can do that either so I am quite ok with it.   That said, I will give it only a 3.5 star rating even though I do really like that it works well on my skin. It also has no scent, which I personally love, so that is a plus in my books. The serum does a great job at keeping my skin hydrated, healthy and looking plump but I did not really notice much of a brightening or tone-evening effect from it since my freckles/sun spots/acne scars did not seems faded after using it for a month. As much as I like the effects, I can't afford to repurchase this serum again and again and I am not sure if it is worth the expensive price tag (especially when it is only 30mL). If you are curious about Endota Spa products and want to try out their products, I'd say go ahead and try out the serum because it is a good product. However, I don't think I can recommend it to the masses since it is too expensive and I don't feel like it is as luxurious as the price tag that it comes with.
The serum comes in a luxe looking pearlescent opaque bronze coloured bottle with a dropper for dispensing the product.  The serum is a clear, lightweight consistentany without any detectable scent. I apply it to my face after cleansing while my skin is still damp. I do this because hyaluronic acid can make the skin feel tight after application. I let the serum absorb while I brush my teeth or do my hair.  The serum absorbs quickly, without any greasy residue. It can feel a little tacky but I notice the tackyness goes away once the serum is absorbed which can take upto 2-5 minutes. I spritz my face with a face mist before applying my moisturizer over the serum so the hyaluronic acid in the serum doesn't make my face feel dry or taut.  My skin feels hydrated and I can see a bit of a glow.  But other then that, I haven't seen any anti aging but its still early days. I will continue to use the serum and see whether there is a difference with fine lines or hyperpigmentation but it definitely has increased skin hydration. 
I am always on the lookout for new skincare products and will always be willing to try out new serums. When I first received this product,I was happy to note that it came in a glass bottle with a dropper; which I definitely prefer as I can carefully determine how much I want to use without waste. I also noted the price. This is on the higher end of price for serums,though generally, apart from the Ordinary and other similar brands, many serums come it at around or just over $100.  I personally would not normally have paid this must for a serum that I couldn't be sure would work, so was very happy to be able to trial it. Generally, my skin is clear and normal, with the occasional dryness and dullness. I am lucky enough to not have many wrinkles at this moment in time either, so would not be able to comment on whether this products anti-ageing as it claims. It is a scentless, watery serum which easily spreads out onto the skin; you do not need much product at all to cover your face and neck.Once applied the product does feel slightly tacky for a couple of minutes, but quickly absorbs into the skin. Once absorbed I found my face felt smooth and slightly hydrated. I used this product overall for around three weeks, which is not enough to determine any skin tone evening or other long-term benefits.However, I did notice an improvement in the hydration of my skin, though not with the brightening. Overall, whilst I liked this product I do believe that other serums would be better for my current needs. This may be better for those who are looking for a good anti-ageing serum, as although it was hydrating, that benefit alone does not justify the price.
Thanks to beautycrew I got to try out this serum, and I really enjoyed it. I am a shift worker- so my tiredness is written over my face with lackluster skin and dehydration lines. This serum really helped to give it back its glow, and plumped up the skin so the signs of dehydration all but disappeared! I feel that the lines around my eyes became less pronounced with its hydrating effect, and it just gave my skin a nice boost overall. It has no scent, and is a thin almost clear fluid, that you dispense with a little dropper. I really like the dropper to dispense the product as you eliminate contamination and the spread of bacteria through touching the product itself.  When you smooth it over the skin, as it dries your skin feels a little sticky and tightened, which is a great reminder for me that it has absorbed and it is time to apply the moisturiser next. I really did enjoy this product, however I will not be repurchasing it at its price point of $180, it just is not in my budget. I will definitely be going to endota to treat myself with a facial so I can experience their other products as well.
This is the first time trying skincare product from Endota and I must say I have a good impression about this brand after trying out the serum. - This serum comes in a brown bottle which look quite mature but feel sturdy when hold in your hands. One thing i like about the packaging is that it comes with a dropper which allow you to control the amount of product you take out, apply more precisely on your face and also feel more hygienic. -The texture of this serum is quite runny. It is transparent and doesn't have any scent. I usually use about 2 -2.5 drops for my whole face. I find that it blends and absorbs very quickly into my skin. It does feel a bit sticky at first but then the stickiness disappear within 1 minute. After that my skin feels more plump, soft and hydrated. I've been using this every night and I can tell that my skin is getting better as I wake up with a glow on my skin. - However, I can not say much about the anti-aging effect because I don't really have wrinkles to see any improvement but I do believe that anti-aging skincare products are like a prevention. I did share this with my mom and she loves it, she said her face feel smoother so I guess it's a good product in terms of anti-aging. Overall, I like this serum but I probably won't repurchase because the price is just as expensive as brands like lancome and estee lauder and I know those brand more so I'd feel more comfortable to spend that much of money on their products.
Resubmitting this review as my other one never seemed to post. I was stunned when I first saw the price of this,it isnt something I would normally purchase but I have heard alot about endota and it seems to be quite a good brand so I was excited none-the-less. I dont have any wrinkles yet but I love trying new skin products.  I've been using the serum for almost a month nightly before I moisturise. I cant comment on its affect for wrinkles but I do notice that in the morning my skin has a nice, fresh look to it. I wont repurchase this serum but I'll continue to use it until it runs out.
I was super excited to trial this serum and have been using it for the past few weeks. It comes in a small glass bottle and has a dropper which is easy to use. The serum is clear and unscented which is great for me as I can find fragrances can sometimes give me a headache. I haven’t noticed a massive difference in my skin after using this serum and upon learning the cost for the serum, I do not think I would purchase it. Upon application the serum is absorbed quickly but I did not enjoy the sticky, tacky feeling left on my skin. I only used this in the evening because of this feeling. My skin has definitely felt more hydrated but the fine lines have not changed as far as I can see. I will continue to use this product to see if I get better results in the coming weeks. 
The endota new age™ Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum has been proven to reduce wrinkles and increase skin moisture by 11% within 24 hours! It contains peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants to create powerful formulas clinically proven to deliver age-defying results. I love that each product in the range has been scientifically tested so the formulas a based on facts, not false marketing claims. I guess that is what sets this product apart!   The serum comes in a brown bottle with a dropper for easy to use application. I simply apply a few drops to my skin and gently rub. I used the serum on my face and my neck every night before bed and come morning my skin always felt so hydrated. It's very gentle on sensitive skin, absorbs easily and quickly and surprisingly doesn't leave skin feeling too oily or excessively greasy. Within a week or two I felt like my skin looked noticeably different. I truly feel as though I have had a salon treatment at home. I love this product I only wish it had been created before!
I feel like I was expecting quite a lot from a product with such a luxurious price tag. However, I wasn't particular wow'ed by the results, but I still give it credit for being a good product (despite not reflecting the price). In short, it is a nice, clean and simple serum with no scent/fragrance or colours. It comes out clear and lightweight, and spreads easily around the face. One major dislike for me was it foamed up while you were spreading it, but settles down once it has absorbed. It lightly hydrates the skin and makes it slightly tacky to prep for moisturiser application. Upon application it definitely makes my skin plump, smooth and soft, and skin feels beautiful for a day before it's thirsty for moisture again (I have extremely dry skin). In terms of wrinkles and fine lines, I haven't seen a significant improvement, though my skin is smoother. Overall it's a great serum if you're into clean, simple and beautiful skincare. I will definitely finish the bottle but wouldn't repurchase however as there are other cheaper alternatives. This was the first Endota product I have tried and it has left a pretty good impression, which makes me want to try out other products now!
Thank you BeautyCrew for including this product in my crewkit. I would much prefer to be able to test this serum for a longer period of time. I had about 4 weeks - and because I have been prescribed a new brightening serum by my beauty therapist at the same time, I have to admit that I did not use this serum consistent enough to form a fair view, and also I was not able to tell if any changes have been attributed to this serum alone or the combination of both. Although I cannot comment on the results, I can comment on the user experience and ingredients. First, I am personally a fan of dropper bottle, because of the inherent risk of knocking the whole bottle over while it is opened. A pump packaging would be ideal. Second, the tackiness reminds me of The Ordinary HA 2%+B5, which is not a bad product itself bit the tackiness is enough to prevent me from re-purchasing. I prefer serums that abaorbs instantly and makes skin feel plumped - a few minutes is what I don't have in the morning to wait for absorption, before layering other products such as moisturiser and sunscreen. Note that The Ordinary HA serum is $12. I have certainly expected a much more pleasant texture from a $180 serum. Third, by charging $180, I expect all the key ingredients to be at the top of the list.  I started reading the list from the top and all I could see which I would consider useful is Glycerin from the first few (which is a humectant but very cheap).  Whereas the HA, the vitamins and the peptides are further down the list.  Note that nicotinamide is the same as niacinamide (B3) and in say, an Olay hydrating eye gel fornulation it is up the top 4, so it can be done.  Even though the serum is called "hyaluro" serum, the concentration of sodium hyaluronate is surprisingly low.  Note that 2% is optimal (see The Ordinary formulation) but what is present here is lower than 1%.  (See 5th ingredient which is phenoxyethanol, a preservative with a global standard of less than 1% in skincare, so anything listed below this will not be greater than 1%). For me to repurchase something I take a few things into account: cost, user experience, results and formulation.  Based on my limited usage I can't say this product has impressed me enough to consider purchasing or recommmending.
I was graciously given the opportunity to try out this lightweight serum that purports to nevertheless packs a heavy punch. One month into using this serum, I can't say I'm impressed, but it's possible I just was not the targeted age group for it to perform as it should. Nevertheless, I was excited about the brightening properties, as I do have some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that is taking too long to budge.   MY SKIN: Sensitive, acne-prone. Evening out my skin tone and age-prevention are my main concerns. PRODUCT PACKAGING: The serum comes in an opaque brown dropper bottle to protect the integrity of the ingredients. NOTABLE INGREDIENTS: Sodium hyaluronate (mentioned twice on the ingredients list at different positions), Vitamin C (in the form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), niacinamide, apple stem cells, and a "muscle-relaxing" peptide. TEXTURE & CONSISTENCY: Translucent and easily spread and absorbed, it dispelled any skepticism I had of using only the recommended pea-sized amount. Maybe a large pea if I want to take it all the way down to the base of my neck, but definitely a small amount is sufficient. It feels sticky for a few seconds, but feels smooth not too long after. Any moisturiser that follows it absorbs well, too. SCENT: Fragrance-free! Heavens be praised! It doesn't smell medicinal or chemically at all, I almost can't smell anything. PERFORMANCE: Hmm. It's always tricky trying to judge a product in just one month, but I have used other products where the change is visible within a couple of weeks or less and I don't have to keep wondering if I see anything because my skin loves it and it shows. Looking at it that way, I haven't noticed anything skin-changing - I don't feel like my skin is brighter or plumper or more moisturised.  My biggest issue, though, is that during this trial period, I constantly got whiteheads - small ones, they disappear quickly - but they just keep popping up. I reduced the use of this serum to just once a day, and that helped with the whiteheads, which, instead of appearing every day, would show up every three days or so. The only other time my skin reacted this way was when I used a high potency Vitamin C (in the form of pure ascorbic acid) serum, which now makes me wonder if my skin is just sensitive to Vitamin C. My skin has been mostly clear after incorporating a retinoid into my routine a few months ago - and I suspect the retinoid is the reason the whiteheads disappear quickly - so waking up with whiteheads almost daily is frustrating. They have gotten fewer with the weeks. Also, just comparing it to the aforementioned Vitamin C serum - while they both result in whiteheads, the other one gave my skin a considerable glow, which unfortunately I didn't get with the endota new age serum. The other issue I found was that wearing this under makeup, my foundation - I used two different ones - would pill. Potentially this issue could be circumvented by using this at night, but personally, I prefer leaving my retinoid alone at night, instead of layering it with another serum and potentially toning down its effects. On days when I'm not wearing makeup, though, it sits well. RECOMMEND?: It's a fine serum overall, but considering the premium price tag, I can't help but demand a lot more than just "fine". Again, I have to emphasise that being the wrong age group, I can't say if it delivers on its anti-ageing claims, but on the brightening front, unfortunately it falls short.
I was lucky enough to trial the endota spa peptide 8 hyaluronic serum for the supercrew, so thank you beauty crew I really loved this product. I had not tried many endota spa products but this serum was a winner. It’s packaged nicely and I loved the eye dropper applicator, it delivers just the right pea sized amount to smooth over skin. My only drawback is the serum is quite expensive but a little goes a long way so it will last. It glides effortlessly over skin and sinks in immediately so super easy to use. I used my normal moisturiser over the top. It has no scent so great for those with sensitive skin. I noticed a difference after using this serum in just a couple of days. My skin looked smoother plumper and fine lines and dark spots were finished, even my pores looked visibly smaller.the serum is super hydrating and nourishing and makes my skin look brighter and less tired whenever I use it so it’s really well worth the money. With peptides and antioxidants it is a great anti ageing serum and contains stem cells to prevent against free radicals so it’s really good for skin. I absolutely loved this product and would highly recommend it.
I was really excited to try this serum and I wasn't disappointed. It came in a gorgeous glass bottle with a dropper to apply. I love this way of application so much more than pump bottles because I feel like I have more control over how much product I use with minimal wastage.  It was a dream to apply. Smooth, not sticky and absorbed beautifully into the skin, I used both am and pm as I ran out of my usual night time serum and found this was just as lovely. I woke with hydrated skin and a lovely glow. Same as day use. It would give my skin a nice soft, suppleness and glow.  Not sure about diminishing wrinkles but maybe the product needs more time to do that. I did, however, notice massive improvements with my overall skin tone. Pigmentation was reduced and that brightened glow was hard to beat. It is a pretty hefty price tag and I have used serums delivering similar results so jury is out of I would fork out $180 for it. I would need to experiment between serums to test I guess. It really is a lovely serum though. I'm going to say it again, but that glow is worth it. Bright and hydrated skin! I would recommend this to anyone with pigmentation or redness because I noticed a huge reduction in both these categories. I'll get back to you on wrinkles.
This is a definite 5 stars from me. I saw a difference in the little lines under my eyes and an improvement in the expression lines on my forehead. It says on the packaging not to apply the serum around the eyes but I had no irritation whatsoever only a visible decrease in these fine lines. I used this serum twice daily and found that it absorbed very well under a moisturizer, suncream and fake tanner. I loved that this serum contained natural antioxidants and peptides and didn't contain any nasties. Also that it wasn't tested on animals.  I found that it had a neutral scent and was an effective moisturizer. It was also targeting pigmentation, I did see a slight improvement in the tone of my skin but the reason I loved it most was it definitely improved the lines I had. I would recommend this product to someone that loves natural based skincare that yields results.
I was VERY excited to see the endota new age™ Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum in the Crew Kit! The serum comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to dispense the product and is an unscented, clear, lightweight liquid - almost like water. It applies fairly easily, but I did notice am unusual, slight ‘foaming’ effect upon contact with my skin. This goes away, and the skin is a little sticky for a couple of minutes until the serum has completely absorbed.  Once it has absorbed, the skin feels smooth, although not particularly hydrated. I used this after cleansing morning and night and followed with my moisturiser. My skin feels and looks good, however I haven't noticed any significant changes to the appearance of my fine lines, nor do I think my skin looks plump. While I have enjoyed using the Endota Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum and will finish the bottle, I haven’t seen amazing results as yet and i’m not convinced that it’s worth the hefty ($180) price tag. If you are interested in this serum, i'd recommend getting a few samples to try first. 
The serum comes with a very high end pricing. But the formula does not justify this cost as far as the results have shown on my skin so far (one month of use).  Serum is clear, not perfumed and comes in glass dropper bottle. All good. Formula does have a punch of some good anti ageing ingredients, but have no idea of concentration. So unsure if this would justify the high pricing.  Results are what I am interested in, I don't care about the price. So, after all this time one would expect some major changes, but...Only thing I noticed is that my skin is pretty much the same. no changes in fine lines (but no skincare to date did anything anyways to improve the situation) or pigmentation. Or texture of the skin. The serum needs more time to show results I think. Or it is so small that is not that noticeable. One thing though, did not have issues with dehydrated skin (usually my skin will play up, serum seems to have prevented this). Will keep using, still a lot of serum left. Hoping for more visible results. I do like the formula itself. My skin likes it. But for this price need more!
I had never tried any Endota products before but had noticed they were given high ratings from other beauty sites. When I researched the product I was surprised at the cost as its high end for a small 30ml bottle. Taking into account the name and cost I was expecting a BIG result. The packaging was simple and the serum was presented in a small brown bottle with a dropper that allowed you to squirt out the recommended pea size amount. The actual serum was clear with no real scent and felt tacky on my fingers. On application the serum was silky and left a slight sheen on my skin and also felt tightening more than plumping. My moisturiser didn't react at all with the serum but complimented it and I felt I had applied a barrier of protection. I applied every morning and night and there was no immediate result but I felt that my age spots have faded considerably my skin looks brighter and fresher and my pores have reduced. Thats a big one for me as I feel my skin often looked heavy and tired and this serum has really made a difference. I believe with continual use and several bottles usage the result would be truly amazing. I loved trialling this serum and yes I do recommend to anyone wanting to freshen and refine their skin.
I was so excited to receive this in the Crewkit, as I have never tried Endota products before. The endota new age™ Peptide 8 Hyaluronic Serum comes in a glass bottle with s dropper applicator. The serum is a silky, fluid consistency and applies with little effort. I find that this product layers very well with other products, but when applied alone it absorbs very easily but feels a little tacky. Once moistiriser is applied the tacky feeling goes away.  After two weeks of consistent use, at first I was left feeling disappointed, I hadn't noticed any significant changes to my skin. And then after three weeks, it was like I just woke up and my skin seemed completely different. My skin just looked healthier all round. My skin looks plumper, clearer, hydrated, brughter and smoother. I didn't notice a difference in my fine lines, but I really like the way my skin is looking these days regardless, thanks to this serum. There is so much that I like about this serum, but the price is just too much for me to consider purchasing it for myself, a little does go a long way, but at a retail price of $180, it doesn't leave much in my beauty budget for anything else. 
This is a product I received as part of a Supercrew review.  The product comes in a cardboard box, and is a dark brown glass bottle with a dropper for dispensing the serum. The serum itself didn't have a scent and is translucent whitish colour. The strange thing is that when I applied it onto my skin, it sort of foamed up, which is really strange. I only used 1 drop, but every time, it foamed and then I spread it on my skin focusing on my neck, décolletage and face. Anyway, I started using 1-2 drops, but still the slight foamy bubbling, but other than that, there was no irritation on my skin. The product is expensive compared to what I normally use. In saying that, I believe there are a lot of ingredients in this serum which are supposed to help fight signs of wrinkles and help the skin look plumper and healthier.  I didn't notice my lines disappear, but my skin felt soft and looked good.  With regard tot the glass bottle, it would be nice to know how much of product is left inside after use, but I guess I will know when there's no more product coming out!  Pros: Dropper application may suit those who like this  Non irritating  Non greasy, very light on the skin Cons: Expensive  Didn't really "sink" into my skin  Recommendation: This serum would be good for anyone who wants to spend a good amount of money on a serum that can assist the skin to feel softer and more touchable. 
I was super excited to try this serum from endota spa, as I've had a few treatments in salon but never tried any of their products.  The packaging is simple but effective, and I think the dropper applicator is both convenient and hygienic. The serum itself is really nice, it spreads over the skin nicely and doesn't take long to be absorbed fully. It is lightweight, but does appear to provide instant moisturise to the skin. The product can be layered easily with other skin products and / or makeup, and I noticed no irritation on my sensitive skin.  In regard to significant results, I can't say I noticed any real improvement in skin tone or fine lines/wrinkles. My skin looked more moisturised and plump upon application, but these results were not long lasting for me.  Personally I see no value for money in this product, and honestly I cannot believe the whopping $180 price tag that this product has. It is a nice product, and would be a nice addition to any skin care routine, but there are similar products available for like a quarter of the price. I would not recommend this product for this price. I've given this serum 2-stars based on the steep price tag, but it is not a bad product and I would give it a much better rating if the price was more reasonable.