endota Organics™ Calming Sleep Mist

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endota Organics™ Calming Sleep Mist is a calming room mist that helps encourage a rested, deep sleep and positive bedtime routine. The mist is gentle and non-toxic.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus Certified Organic.


endota Organics™ Calming Sleep Mist


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Perfect spray to calm and soothe!

I use this on my kids pillows before the sleep. It’s just amazing, and the smell really calms them down. I love the pastel mint bottle. I use a lot of Endota for our home and this is a regular staple!
I love Endota scents! I have their essential oils and when I saw they had a room mist, I had to have it. My husband and I love creating a calming and cozy environment in our bedroom and this spray does just that. We spray a few pumps around our room and a couple on our pillows. It allows us to switch off and relax before bed and it puts me in a meditative state.
Endota Spa was not a name i was familiar with (i knew of the spa's themselves...not the products) until i git the chance to try it a while ago as part of the Super Crew,but having loved the product i received then,i was keen to dip my toe into other products from the range,so with stress levels off the charts,and sleep being hard to come by due to that,i got this as a starting point. The Endota Organics Calming Sleep Mist is a beautiful,amazingly calming spray that contains the well known for it;s soothing properties lavender essential oil to restore some kind of sanity to a busy mind,whilst helping to make a ritual for bedtime that may help you to sleep more soundly.But does it actually work ? Well,it wasn't a "cure all" for my stress...not at all,but it DID add a level of calm that i haven't had  in some time,and it doesn't hurt that the scent lasts a good few hours....long enough to settle down from the day and gather your thoughts,whilst then settling you in for a peaceful sleep. One thing i noticed in the ingredient list was that all of them could,if you wanted to,apply it as a mist over your face (Aloe Leaf Juice, Water, Glycerin are at the top of the list.Alcohol is in there too,but it is way down that list) to soothe and calm your skin as well as filling the air with lavender calmness. Lastly,at around $25 for a massive 125ml pump bottle (that looks clean and simple,but is in a very zen green hue),this may just be the cheapest contribution to self care (and preservation) you will make. TIP:Spray onto pillows / into room / onto sheets and even in the car for a de-stressing help tom your day.