endota Organics™ Essential Oil Diffuser

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endota Organics™ Essential Oil Diffuser is an aroma diffuser for use with essential oils. The ultrasonic technology finely disperses the essential oils into the air. The white ceramic sphere is subtly lit and casts dappled white light around the room when in use. Requires no heat or chemicals for use.


endota Organics™ Essential Oil Diffuser


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Your day spa in the comfort of your home! Just adore the Endota spa aromatherapy diffuser. The most gorgeous ceramic design with inbuilt light, that looks stylish in any room. I purchased this for our nursery to use to help our baby sleep, and it's just the most luxurious and relaxing experience. The essential oils are released in gentle stream of steam, and lasts for a really long time. It has a handy timer on the side so you can set how long the steam will permeate the room. It's environmentally friendly and uses combustible resources.
This is a stunning diffuser which I proudly display on my bed side table. I use the Endota essential oil Signature blend (which is amazing!) and also a heap of other pure essential oils. It gently disperses the oil in air and leaves my room smelling like a spa. It beautiful white spehere is also sublty lit so it creates such a relaxing ambiance which is perfect for just before bed time when I'm reading a book or watching TV. A great safety feature is that it automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty. It is an expensive diffuser comparing to ones I have bought in the past - however in saying that, most high quality diffusers are around this price point. It would make a lovely gift as well.
I find it so hard to relax and unwind with today’s hustle and bustle so I thought that I would try aromatherapy to de-stress. Endota Essential Oil Diffuser is sooo lovely I just had to have one! I like the ceramic finish and that it wasn’t plastic. It is simple to use just add water and few drops of your favourite oil and your house will smell like a day spa. The functions are great the timer and auto shut off are a must and it is not noisy at all (unlike some others). A clean house with my diffuser on is heavenly. 
I LOVE THIS! In beautiful ceramic white this environmentally friendly diffuser bring a warmth to any room.  Bringing peace and tranquillity to any environment with the aroma diffuser is an elegant white ceramic sphere which casts subtle dappled white light, bringing a gentle warmth and peace to your space. The ultra-sonic technology finely disperses the soothing aromas of essential oils into the air, uplifting the atmosphere. I love this because it's so relaxing! Being BPA free I feel safe to touch and use this diffuser. Another great thing is that when the water level is reached it automatically turns off. Unlike many other diffusers, its super quiet which means I can leave it overnight without noises disturbing me. Thankfully you can set this onto and the option of 2 and 4-hour timers so its perfect to leave in a room when your not going to be there.  HIghly recommend another great Endota product.