endota Organics™ Multi Vitamin Treatment Oil

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endota Organics™ Multi Vitamin Treatment Oil is a facial oil that contains anti-ageing ingredients such as rosehip oil, avocado oil and argan oil to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate skin for a healthier, more nourished complexion.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus Certified Organic.


endota Organics™ Multi Vitamin Treatment Oil


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Beautiful and refreshing light oil. Light yellow in colour and runny. Great for my combo skin that tends to go oily on the forehead and chin. Love using it on cold dry days. On top of my essence or serum. Gives subtle healthy glow and just sooths the skin. I use actives (acids, retinol etc) so from time to time taking a break I use oil like this to soothe the skin and give it a break. Scent is light, like a bubbly white champagne. A bit sweet and fresh. It comes from oils, naturally. Plumps my skin and keeps it looking just soft and healthy. Love that it comes in a small 15mL glass dropper bottle. So do not have to worry using it up before going bad. Love using watery toner/essence to wet the skin, then while still moist , apply this oil for better spreadability and absorption. I use it all over eyes and lips too. So gentle and perfect for keeping my thin under eye area protected preventing dehydration and fine expression lines forming (and worse, staying!).