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Estée Lauder Beautiful Sheer Eau de Parfum

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Estée Lauder Beautiful Sheer Eau de Parfum is a light-hearted and radiant floral fragrance with a sheer woody accord that feels light, airy and modern.


Estée Lauder Beautiful Sheer Eau de Parfum


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My wedding day....24 years ago now,but still a memory i hold dear to my heart.I was a young girl,full of hopes and dreams,and i wanted to wear a fragrance that would be as wearable later as it was then....and the original Estée Lauder Beautiful was my choice (helped along by a seriously "Beautiful" ad campaign at the time) The original is a burst of floral tributes,and this is just the same...lighthearted and radiant, blending bright floral notes (linden blossom, mimosa,ginger lily.) with a sheer woody base ( padouk wood, boxwood ) to create an airy, modern scent that is just a tad lighter than the regular version,that on those hot summer evenings (we married in the summer,so when anniversary time comes around,i wear it) ,is just the perfect fragrance.This is also slightly fruitier than the original,which is perfect,as i adore fruitier scents in summer,and i feels a little more "youthful" than my beloved original,however,the same ultra feminine and elegant for both day and evening underpinning scent remains there and true (and super long lasting.As did my wedding day version,this one lasts for the entire day...and then some.Even after having washed my clothes,a gentle reminder of my having worn this remains,and it stays scented as it did when you first applied) The bottle also remains very similar....clear,contoured glass with a silver cap and silver lettering and a spray cap to apply.It is very simple,yet elegant in design,therefore even THAT remains classic ( i have a love of perfumes,and several i have loved have come and gone without making a comeback...."Beautiful Sheer" is testament to the fact that classics never die,but they CAN be "re-booted" for a new generation...or an old lover,and simply continue to remain as relevant as ever). Now,at around $130 for a 75ml bottle (you can certainly get this cheaper though at various outlets) ,this is priced firmly in the " pretty easily accessible to most" and "save for a couple of pays" range.As this is a really long lasting and wearable scent (plus a decent sizes bottle) you won't need to hide the receipt or have "buyers remorse" for blowing the rent on a bottle (and if you make this YOUR scent for your big day,you should find something you will love forever).Truly romance in a bottle,and one you will have triggering some of the most beautiful days of your life...isn't THAT what fragrance is for ? TIP:Layer with a product for your body to create a veil of scent that lasts all day and more.Mix a little of this with an unscented oil / lotion or cream to add a nourishing,long lasting addition to your prepping ritual.
my mum bought me this fragrance to wear on my wedding day so it holds special memories for me. This is a gorgeous floral fragrance that is so feminine and pretty. The eau de parfum lasts and lasts and remains strong. I can even smell it on my pillow at night after wearing it out. It is modern and sophisticated, floral but with a hint of spice. A gorgeous scent to buy for special events