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Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum

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Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum is a fragrance with a blend of tropical wetness, zesty freshness and bursting floralcy that transports you to a perfect world of optimism and wonder. It features notes of blue hyacinth and orange flower templar blended with Laelia orchid and crepe jasmine, warmed with Zebrano wood.


Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise Eau de Parfum


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Tropical paradise you can enjoy minus a flight overseas!  I'm a big fan of Estee Lauder fragrances & this one is no exception. First off - the original bottle design I currently own - it's a perfect match for what is inside & is one of the prettiest fragrance bottles I've ever owned, with a wash of tropical colours over a teardrop shape bottle - it's truly stunning. So it is disappointing to see it is now housed in a rather plain bottle,  personally I hope they return to the original design. The scent is an interesting mix of floral notes, from the first spray it is immediately reminiscent of Tahiti, Hawaii, or anywhere with gorgeous tropical beaches. It is almost 'summer in a bottle' and perfect for wearing in the warm weather. Like all Estee Lauder fragrances, it lasts beautifully & you don't need to use too much either.  If you like to smell like summer in a bottle, try this gorgeous scent, you won't be disappointed.
I have had a long love affair with Estée Lauder fragrances....i became engaged wearing Spellbound,married wearing Beautiful,had amazing holidays wearing this,so to reminisce a little,i keep all these around me to this day. This particular fragrance is summer in a bottle (Queensland holidays,long,hot Sydney summers and the balmy nights that many memories)....floral yet oceanic,subtle,yet truly lasting (i don't need to touch up for an entire working day) with a sexy,fruity fresh overtone.This is a slightly heavier version of the original i was used to,however that fact only adds to Beyond Paradise's sexiness and longevity on the skin.As the warmer weather starts to arrive,i can readily suggest trying this to lend a feeling of bohemian freedom to,it's aesthetics on your dresser are simple and minimalist, yet a statement in itself (like the scent,it too is clean and practical, yet truly beautiful). TIP:Want that Boho feel all over ? Spray on your hairbrush and run it through your locks to create a summery halo around you all day.