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Estée Lauder Blush Brush

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Estée Lauder Blush Brush is a makeup brush for applying a precise colour to cheeks. The full, round shape is designed to deposit colour smoothly and evenly on smaller areas of the face. The blush brush is designed with direction from top makeup artists around the globe, and features a short and lightweight wooden handle for even, effortless application.


Estée Lauder Blush Brush


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I was given this brush as a gift, and it is definitely my go-to brush for powder blush and bronzer. It manages to hold just the right amount of product to get a nice, even application. The long bristles allow it to move very freely so you don't get any 'clown cheeks' - it blends itself! I love to pinch it slightly and use it to contour my cheekbones with bronzer too. My only minus is that it's not quite as soft as some other brushes I've come across (eg. Tom Ford), but as it's not a foundation brush this isn't a problem for me. Super ideal for anyone wanting a versatile brush/bronzer/powder brush that looks super-classy!