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Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent

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Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent is a light and summery fragrance with notes of juicy mandarin, Sicilian bergamot, lemon, pulpy orange and amber.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent


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Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent is my go to Summer Scent. I love the tactile attractive bottle and the fresh fruity scent. I feel happy and carefree when I'm wearing this scent its natural, sweet and gentle with a dramatic sexy, musky twist.  I also really appreciate how long the scent lasts and have had many compliments on how great I smell ! The price is great for this outstanding scent and its perfect to gift as I cant imagine anyone not enjoying this treat.
Anything....and i mean anything,that reminds me of long forgotten walks by the oceans edge / soirees on the Aegean / cocktails in Nice is a must buy for me...and Estée seems to be able to pull off some pretty good memory recall. This is a scent that LITERALLY oozes summer,and is one i have had on high rotation for a while now.The bottle is rather gorgeous in it's own right...clear,rectangular glass,bronze top with stunning aqua accent makes this a joy to look at,whilst the clear glass allows you to see the almost bronze hued juice within.But what of the fragrance itself ? Well,a summer cocktail of zesty mandarin,Sicilian bergamot, lemon and orange brings out the fruity side of the fragrance,whilst a blend of Tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia petals, orange flower buds and lavender add a floral effect that couldn't be anymore exotic if it tried,whilst a beautiful coconut scent through it gives it that "walking on the beach at sunset in a white dress" truly is divine.How about how long it lasts ? Well,whilst this isn't exactly a "cheap and cheerful" purchase,it DOES wear for hours and hours...and with the full gamut of notes still detectable,so it isn't like you will be re-applying constantly. So,dear reader,do i suggest a trip to an Estée Lauder counter to get this ? If a scent that is comparable to a few scents that i have that cost me double (and a bit in some instances),YES...yes i do. TIP:Spray a mist of this on your clothes in the morning and have a gentle waft of scent envelop you with every movement.
This really is like summer in a bottle.  I'm more porcelain princess than bronze goddess, but a fragrance can either be who you are or who you want to be,  For my upcoming island holiday, I want to be a bronze goddess and this scent definitely gives me that vibe.  The bottle is fairly plain compared to others, but it does pack nicely, making it all the more ideal for a holiday fragrance.
I am a huge fan of Estee Lauder and think this is their best to date. I adore this fragrance and am always guaranteed lots of compliments when I wear Bronze Beauty. It makes me feel like a Bronze Beauty it's so pretty! I love wearing this when I go out for girls drinks on a hot Sunday afternoon it just really matches the vibe. I also like that it's strong so it won't sweat off and will last the whole day. Very much recommended!
This perfume is very appealing, it lasts well without fading or changing as the day or evening passes. I received it as a gift, it's not a fragrance type I usually prefer, but it has grown on me day by day.  And my partner loves it too, so a winner all around.
Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume is a fragrance that's really fruity and light. It's definitely a summer fragrance. It comes in a rectangle block and it's simple in design. The lid has a bit of bronze detail on it. The fragrance is really subtle and light. When I spray it, I immediately want to be at the beach so I will be wearing this on my next holiday!
this is a divine summer fragrance that is so fresh and feminine, floral and classy. I was given a sample of this scent and would really love an entire bottle, such a treat. it smells like citrus and flowers with musky undertones that are subtle and sexy, it feels like being on holiday, so gorgeous and fun. Will put this on my christmas wish list as it is so pretty, summery and feminine, a feel good perfume, Love it.
I received a sample of this perfume and was pleasantly surprised.  It has a tropical scent reminiscent of summer, the beach and suntan oil.  I actually found it gave me a mood boost making me feel in holiday mode!  I'm planning to buy a bottle after finishing the sample.
I was introduced to this fragrance in Hawaii so it evokes memories of sun, sand and warm weather. I love this fragrance and can recommend it! It is quite strong so you don't need much, but it is a distinctive floral fragrance and people always comment when I wear it. I have bought this one more than one occasion. 
I love this perfume! I was a little skeptical at first as the initial scent seemed too bold for me. But once the perfume was on my skin it just smelt beautiful. The citrus scents combined with a lovely musky tone is just gorgeous for occasions such as date night!
Has quite a nice smell very fresh and reminds me of summer it has some musky undertones in it which i like but you only need a little bit as it is very strong, if you like strong floral notes then this perfume is for you!  very nice highly recommend