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Estée Lauder Contour Shadow Brush

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Estée Lauder Contour Shadow Brush is a tapered, angled makeup brush that sweeps on powder eyeshadow for all-over base application plus definition on the outer lid and crease. The brush is designed with direction from top makeup artists around the globe, and features a short and lightweight wooden handle for even, effortless application.


Estée Lauder Contour Shadow Brush


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This contour shadow brush makes it easy to apply a quick sweep of contouring colour right in the eye crease as it picks up the eyeshadow product effortlessly and deposits it with ease.  It's also a fantastic brush for applying a single colour on the whole eyelid for a modern, simplistic look.  I love the way there is professional feel when I use this brush - it gives me confidence in a funny kind of way - because I am no professional when it comes to applying eye make-up!   This soft brush gets the job done with no fuss and it never loses a hair.