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Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15

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Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15 is a tinted moisturiser that enhances any skin tone with a healthy, even-toned glow. The lightweight formula contains antioxidants to help fight free radical damage that can lead to visible ageing. Skin looks smoother, hydrated, fresh and radiant. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.


Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer SPF 15


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I absolutely love this product and am now lost to know what to replace it with. It is such a shame that for whatever b---s--t sunscreen rating reason they no longer sell it in Australia. Estee Lauder still make it and you can buy it in other countries instore and online (although at the checkout it says this product can not shipped to Australia). Many other products with a 15spf rating are are sold in Australia so why can't this. If I wanted a sunscreen I'd buy a sunscreen.
This Tint Release Moisturiser is very lightweight and breathable on skin with a sheer coverage. The coverage is not enough to cover dark circles or blemishes but does brighten up the overall complexion and even out skin tones. The tinted moisturiser is dry down nicely on skin without feeling sticky or tacky and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. A good product but I wish it comes with a higher SPF.
This cream is unusual as it comes out as a greeny gray, from the container but then goes a golden light tan colour when it hits your skin. It spreads well and gives you a very slight golden hue, but not enough to cover the broken capillaries on my cheeks. I can’t go without some foundation when using this, although maybe if you had absolutely flawless skin with nothing to cover this would be enough. In saying all this, the product is designed as a tint so it isn’t supposed to have flawless coverage. It smells pleasant but subtle and is moisturising on the skin. I liked that this product didn’t dry out my skin, cause any reactions and kept me moisturised during the cold winter days and the harsh indoor heating I was in. I like that it had anti-oxidants and some SPF in this product as I felt I was protecting my skin in an extra way, from pollution and damage.  I would recommend this product to someone that doesn’t mind paying a lot for a good tinted moisturiser.
I had this Estee Lauder tinted moisturiser recommended to me by a beauty adviser, as I specified I wanted a product that wasn't too heavy for my combination skin. It comes in a beautiful light blue plastic 50ml tube, which makes it perfect for travel and to dispense the right amount of product. The product itself comes out of the tube like a regular moisturiser but once you apply it to your skin it transforms instantly into a natural, very lightly pigmented tinted moisturiser that is a universal shade for most skin tones. It has a smooth, lightweight texture that almost melts into the skin and feels very comfortable and hydrating. It has the familiar, signature Estee Lauder DayWear cucumber scent which is the one thing I don't particularly like about the DayWear range. I apply this moisturiser with my hands or if I'm not in a hurry I also like to apply it with a large, flat foundation brush to give more even coverage. This product adds a radiant glow to my complexion, without looking heavy or unnatural. It doesn't give much coverage, just adds a natural radiance to my skin. It has added SPF protection and some anti-oxidant ingredients which is always a bonus too. I really like that this product is an all-in-one day cream; that gives you hydration, some SPF protection, a light tint and anti-oxidant/anti-aging benefits. It's therefore a great product for anyone who is usually in a rush in the mornings and does not have time to layer or apply multiple products. Or it's also great for someone like me who is too lazy to apply moisturisers, primers and foundation most mornings; so this is a wonderful quick and handy multi-benefit skincare treatment in one! I usually apply this tinted moisturiser after I apply a lightweight day lotion or serum and then follow with some concealer,  a light dusting of loose powder and bronzer if I want to create a natural, glowing "no-makeup" look. The formula is not too heavy or greasy for my skin, but I do tend to get a bit of shine in my t-zone on more humid days. It does not cause acne or breakouts and helps minimise the look of imperfections slightly. I think if you're looking for more coverage then you should definitely apply a foundation over this moisturiser, as it won't cover pigmentation or acne scars. This product just adds a nice glow to your natural skin tone, and does not look orange or dark on my fairly light skin. I really like the unique formula of this moisturiser, and the fact that  it's so handy to use everyday even if you do or don't apply foundation over it. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy morning skincare routine but still wants all the benefits of an anti-ageing product, and the added benefit of a natural glow. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft, but I don't think it would add enough moisture to dry skin and think it's best for combination to normal skin types. One key disadvantage is however the expensive price, especially considering you need to buy a new tube every few months. But it's definitely a great product that's worth a try!
From the moment I put this product on my face I could feel the amazing boost of moisture and hydration that my skin was crying out for. What a beautiful feeling! I have a very fair complexion which I am constantly told, but that’s my skin, I love it but I can enhance it. So the day I started using this my mother happened to tell me that I looked different, glowing, healthy looking and why,what did I have on? I told her about this amazing product, that it released anti-oxidants into the skin to minimise ageing and to prevent ageing, that it also protected my skin from the elements, especially the sun. The formula is light-weight and really spectacular, most tints have a definite beige tone or so but Day Wear has a lovely creamy/light pearlescent tone with tiny beads that dissolve as yourub the product on the skin. I really loved watching the new colour give my skin a gorgeous glow, with the hydration to boot. Now the most beautiful experience of all was the subtle cucumber scent - very refreshing and light and really lasts. You can definitely wear this tint to work as it seems to even out the skin tone to cover any imperfections – and by adding a powder for a bit more coverage looked amazing. The packaging is simple with the elegant Estee Lauder look and a perfect sized tube. I love this tint, perfect in every way and for all skin tones!
This is my go to moisturiser! It's a tinted moisturiser with skincare properties. It provided no coverage just evens out your skin tone and provides a glow. My skin feels more hydrated and works well under makeup. This moisturiser would suit all skin types and skin tones.
Hygienic packaging which also means ingredients aren't exposed to light and air. Leaves my skin soft and supple.