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Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go is a long-lasting liquid foundation that stays put for eight hours. Enriched with a tri-moisture complex for all-day hydration and comfort, skin looks smooth, natural and luminous. 

Available in 12 shades.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go


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I really  Estée Lauder's Double Wear Makeup To Go liquid foundation. It comes in an innovative little blue compact that is spill proof so you can safety keep it in your handbag without worrying about spilling it. The compact has a hole in the middle of it and to dispense the liquid foundation, you press the button and out comes enough foundation to cover your entire face. This makes the foundation very hygienic. It also comes with a sponge to apply the foundation onto your face and is available in 12 different shades so you should have no  problems finding a good match to your skin tone. This foundation is different to the original Double Wear foundation. It is a lot lighter and has a creamy consistency. The coverage is light to medium and gives a dewy and luminous finish. The foundation is easy to apply to your skin and glides on smoothly. It blends really well and is adequate at blurring your imperfections - redness, uneven skin tone etc, giving you a nice look. It wears beautifully, evens out your skin tone, and doesn't look caked on/mask like. It looks really natural and lasts a long time so you don't have to keep touching up throughout the day. This foundation conatins a  tri-moisture complex so is a lot more moisturising and hydrating for your skin than other foundations and is perfect for people with dry skin. Overall I recommend this foundation for anyone who wants a light foundation that provides good coverage and is moisturising so doesn't dry out their skin. This is another quality product from a premium brand although it is more expensive, you only get 12ml of liquid foundation in the compact for the price. 
I bought this while I was in Vegas earlier this year and I’ve become obsessed with it ever since! I hadn’t seen this before in Australia, so I was eager to try this. But it turns out you can actually purchase it in Australia; I just never noticed it before. So, I thought it would be good to try it out, keeping in mind how it equates to the cult-classic Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place makeup. Packaging: The Makeup To Go is packed in a sleek, dark blue plastic compact, which comes with a sponge and mirror. Probably the most interesting feature of this packaging is the clickable ‘button’ that you press which dispenses a small amount of product out of a hole in the centre of the compact. The awesome thing about this innovative packaging is that it is completely spill-proof. Too many times I’ve seen and heard horror stories of people dropping and smashing their glass bottles filled with expensive foundations, or bottles exploding during flight travel. This compact takes away all those worries for me. There is really no way that the product can come out unless you push the button to dispense it, and I’ve tested this because it came back with me on my flight back from the US, and there were no spills! Formula: It is super easy to apply and blends flawlessly on application. It works well with silicone, water or oil based primers equally. The Makeup To Go is actually not quite what I was expecting from the Double Wear range, because it’s actually a lot thinner in consistency then the classic, and it has a more dewy finish than its counterpart. It’s been described as a more lighter, hydrating formula than the original but in doing this, the coverage is not on par with the classic. It’s more of a light coverage buildable up to medium and maybe even full coverage if you layer certain pressed powders. But, I find I am a more frequent user of light-medium coverage foundations, and I’ll only really use a full coverage for a special occasion or night out on the town when I boogie too hard. Because of this, the Makeup To Go is a better daily use foundation for me. It’s a more luminous, natural coverage whilst still blurring imperfections, and it’s definitely a more hydrating product than the classic. Lasting power: Estee Lauder claims that the Makeup To Go foundation lasts for 8 hours, but because of its luminous, hydrating formula, I find it doesn’t last 8 hours on me because of my oily skin. I do find I need to touch up with powder if I wear it from morning to after I finish work. This formula would be great for those with drier skin types because it is light and moisturising. It doesn’t break down or slide on my skin after a while, which is actually amazing, it's just that I do notice my complexion is shinier after a few hours so a powder is necessary for me. Price: This is what I'm taking a star away for. The Makeup To Go is $68, but you only get 12ml, so its less value for money when you compare it to other standard foundations which usually come in 30ml. Verdict: I personally like the comfort, coverage and ease of wearing the Makeup To Go more than wearing the classic Double Wear, and as a result I get a lot more wear with the compact. Those who expect the Makeup To Go to be the classic double wear repackaged may be disappointed – they are completely different formulas with different finishes and longevity, and so are fit for different purposes.
I've tried both the Estee Lauder foundations and find this one is too dewy for me and starts sliding off half way through the day.  Lots of power will fix that, but you need too much for my liking.  I'll be sticking with the Double Wear Stay in Place version instead.