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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer is a lightweight cream concealer with a medium, buildable coverage. It is transfer-resistant, colour-true, and won't slip, slide or melt away. The long-lasting formula stay put for 15 hours and is infused with minerals and emollients to condition skin and make blending easy.

Available in five shades.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer


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Wonderful concealer, goes on smoothly and lasts all day! It took a little bit of experimentation with a primer to make sure it didn't crease by the end of the day - but once I got there it worked perfectly! Great range of colours and although slightly expensive, worth the cost.
I loved Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation so I was so excited to try the Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer. This concealer has a thick texture and but it is very easy to blend and it has medium coverage buildable to full coverage. It is very long lasting and it blended in nicely with the foundation, however, it dry down my skin after few hours. Creases were showing under my eye areas and setting the concealer with powder just made it worse. I would only use it during summer and apply a small amount to prevent from creasing.
Hands down best concealer around. Lightweight doesn’t feel like you have to cake it on to have maximum coverage. Conceals dark circles and tired eyes. Blends in smoothly with foundation. I pop a bit on my eyelids and it holds my eyeshadow on longer. It lasts forever as you only need a tiny amount for full coverage.
I have quite dark circles under my eyes. This product doesn't quite provide the coverage I would like. It is a nice texture and blends in well. The stick application makes it easy to apply without using too much product. It finishes well however over the day it does wear off.
I must admit that I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this concealer before I bought is but as a Double Wear foundations fan I wanted to see whether it lives up to its name. In my opinion, the Double Wear concealer is great and it is very reliable. On the other hand I think I can understand why there are so many who are not impressed by this product.  - the packaging is pretty, we get en elegant tube with a golden lid. There is a doe foot applicator, but to me it is not much of a use anyway as I only use this applicator to transfer the product from the container onto the face, - the formula is rather thick to provide the desired coverage, but at the same time is very creamy and blends really well ( especially when fingers are used) - when used in a tiny amount it will not crease - just remember to set it with powder. A lot complain about this product creasing but from what I noticed just a tiny amount is needed to provide medium to full coverage.  - when paired with a good eye cream it can be successfully used on the under eye area and it shoul not dry out the delicate skin that is there - the concealer, though it does not contain any shiny particles, adds radiance to the skin and brightens up the under eye area ( I use it mainly to conceal the dark shadows) -the shade ( mine is Light Cool) stays the same, will not oxidise or darken - very, very long lasting - extremely efficient - a single dab enough to cover under eye area - cooperates extremely well with all Double Wear foundations. All in all, a very good product. A decent range of shades to choose from too.
I have mixed views about this concealer, it glides easily on the skin, covers black circles and blemishes very  well however it creases so horribly after 2 hours of application. The color selection is a bit limited in my opinion Estee Lauder could do better in that regard, for the price it is not worth it personally speaking.
AMAZING PRODUCT! This Concealer is definitely one of the best concealer I have ever used. It is a decent size and isn't too big, and therefore is travel friendly. It is sightly thick in order to provide good coverage but not too thick and dries thin and matte. I have dry skin, but this product does not flake over time. They have a great shade range, ranging from yellow to pink undertones and even neutral undertones to cater for everyone. I recommend those with dark circle concerns to purchase the pink undertoned ones, and if you have red acne/ blemish skin concerns to buy the yellow undertoned ones. Great product and would definitely give it a try.
Estee Lauder Double Wear has been my holy grail foundation for several years now, so it’s really no surprise that the concealer has also become one of my favourite makeup bag products. It is a lightweight cream concealer that claims to deliver the appearance of flawless skin for 15 hours.   The concealer comes in lip-gloss style packaging with a doe-foot wand applicator. The packaging stores and disperses the product well,and the fact that the container is transparent and allows you to see how much product is left is a massive bonus. I know some users find this style of application unhygienic, but I personally don’t have an issue with it. I don’t share this product with anyone so there is no potential for cross contamination, but also, it’s easy to apply the product to a brush rather than your face and apply with that instead. I throw the concealer in my handbag/makeup bag/travel bag and have had no issues with the container breaking or spilling.   I have the shade medium, which I find matches my skin tone nicely. I usually wear either Ivory Beige or Tawny in the Double Wear foundation, and the medium shade goes really well with both of these. The ideal shade for you may differ depending on your primary concern however, as you’re better off with a lighter shade to conceal darkness such as under eye circles. I went into Myer and had mine matched by the Estee Lauder ladies to be sure of the colour match with my foundation/skin.   The texture of the concealer is light and creamy. The blends really well and applies nicely to the skin, whether it be bare or covered with foundation. The concealer has a matte finish, with no shimmer particles evident. The pigment is also good, I would say the concealer provides a coverage of medium to full depending on how it is applied. Using a colour corrector before applying the concealer improves the coverage you can achieve, especially regarding dark circles.   The staying power is one of the biggest successes of this product. The concealer sets quickly after application and stays in place throughout the day/night. I tend to set the concealer with a powder for special occasions, but for every day there really is no need. The product claims to be transfer-proof, and I haven’t seen anything to contradict this.   The price is another area that puts this product above others in my opinion. It retails at $35, which is much more appealing than the $60+ you can pay for concealers from brands such as Bobbi Brown, NP, and MAC. The product lasts a long time, I’m still on the first tube I purchased over a year ago. So, if you are looking for a nice concealer that performs well and isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg, this beauty is the one for you!   PROS: oil-free, fragrance-free, SPF10, water-resistant, transfer-proof, blend-able, medium-full coverage, strong staying power, suitable for sensitive skin, easy to apply, suitable packaging, matches Estee Lauder foundations beautifully.   CONS: nil.   NOTE: you’re probably best off to go in store to purchase, as recommendations for foundations shades aren’t given online and may differ based on the concerns you’re hoping to address.
This is not my favorite concealer but it does work good. It is pretty think so I only used it on scars and not under my eyes.
I wear this every day! Has great coverage and smooth to apply. Feels nice on my skin aswell.
Seeking a long-lasting concealer that offers coverage and consistency? The search is over because Lauder's Double Wear Foundation has a partner in crime. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer is fantastic! With five varied shades available on the Australian market, there is a colour to match and complement most skin tones. Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer is really lightweight in texture, but don't be fooled because this concealer offers excellent coverage, hiding dark circles, pigmentation, capillaries and other flaws. Once applied to the skin Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer lasts and lasts without wearing off. Estee Lauder claims that it lasts up to 15 hours without budging and, believe it or not, it truly does. Often I will apply this at 7am and when I wash my face in the evening, this oil-free concealer is still in tact - even around my eyes which I constantly rub through the day. The formula even contains SPF to protect the treated area which was reassuring knowing that my eye area was being protected from the sun. The felt tip applicator can be applied direct to the skin but because it is usually loaded up with product, I prefer to swipe the applicator across the back of my hand, dab my ring finger in to the formula and then blend it in to the skin with that finger. The formula is rather concentrated so that a little bit of product goes a long way. At this price point, Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer is not only extremely good value for money, it is a fantastic addition to the Double Wear Foundation.
This councillor is stunning. What I love about it is the yellow based tint to it which is perfect for my skin. Estee Lauder have a huge range of shades on top of this too to match every face type. It covers all of my under eye darkness and little blemishes I might have day-to-day. The creamy formula is so easy to blend into my foundation and so unnoticeable on 'natural' days when I don't want to wear too much makeup. I definitely recommend getting matched by someone at the counter before purchasing it but once you've bought it you won't be sorry.
I use this daily under my eyes and where-ever I might have a blotch, it works great and lasts all day.  It blends beautifully with other products and I've found my perfect colour.  Highly recommend this one!