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Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

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Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is a fast-acting serum that reduces the appearance of pores and repairs the look of uneven skin texture, flakiness and roughness. 


Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher


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I have dehydrated but oily skin if that makes sense to anybody. I have issues with pores on my nose area and was looking for a product to help refine that. I got a sample bottle of the Estée Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher. The consistency of the product is serum like, but slightly thicker? It is quickly absorped into my skin, but after using my skin feels very dry. While i am sure this product works for some people, it did not for me.
Lovely and light and absorbs very quickly, but I have only noticed a slight improvement with my pores.  Though I must admit that I forget to use it every day, maybe if I did it would work better.  You only need a tiny amount, which is good as it is very expensive.  It is the most expensive product I have ever purchased and sadly, I am not all that impressed.  For the price I was expecting miracles. It works well enough, I guess, but too much money for me to get a 2nd bottle.
This serum is a lightweight formula and is refreshing. It is easily absorbed into my skin and works great on dry patches. It left my skin with a smooth surface for moisturiser. After a weeks use, I could tell my skin had improved and was more hydrated and no flakiness in the previously dry areas. The reason I purchased this was to improve my pores on and around my nose. I did not notice any difference in pore size and my pores still became oily throughout the day. I was happy with this as a serum but would not purchase again on the basis that it didn't improve my pores.  This comes with a easy to use pump bottle. One flaw in the design is that it is almost impossible to get the last of the product out. I have even left the bottle upside down for weeks and the product does not drip down to the bottom. I purchased the larger size and it's still impossible to out your pinky finger in the hole after unscrewing the pump. It's awkward to dig product out with a cotton bus. At this price point, I'd really like to use every last drop!! Pros -absorbs easily -lightweight formula -easily accessible at department stores and pharmacies -improved dry patches Cons -no noticeable improvement with pores -product wastage due to design If your main reason to purchase this is to reduce pore size, I recommend you buy advanced night repair which is a better all rounder and more noticeable results for pores.  I'd recommend this to those wanting to even out their skin tone and revive lifeless skin!
I have been using this serum for the last 4 months, and my skin is glowing. My skin use to be on the dry side, but now its completely normal. The Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher is on the expensive side, but  I would purchase it again. Daily routine is I put it on before my moisturiser, giving it a few minutes in between the serum and moisturiser to dry (I use the Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser which i find they work well together) Idealist glides on to the skin, feeling smooth and silky. After the first application you can see the pore minimizing effects on your skin. Instant. I also love that the bottle is a great size, and no need to worry about spill or leakages.
One of the stand outs from the Estee Lauder range, this has really made a difference to my skin. Pores are less obvious and I find it also helps with improving the texture of my skin (flakiness, dry skin and redness).  I apply it prior to my moisturiser and a little goes a long way. I love the non-greasy, easy to absorb, silky consistency of the product, which makes it a joy to use. It comes with a convenient pump dispenser and has become an integral part of my skincare routine!
I started noticing that the pores around my nose were more noticeable so I turned to a trusted brand EL to help me. I first tried a sample pot of the EL Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher that their sales person gave me. I loved the silky smoothing texture and bought a full sized bottle.  The bottle is made of glass with a gold metallic lid. It has a pump for dispensing the serum. I love how strong and sturdy the bottle feels. Doesn't hurt that the teal and gold bottle is gorgeous to boot.  The serum is light weight with a watery texture. It has a hint of a plant fragrance. I usually apply this under my moisturiser as I have dry skin so I need as much hydration as I can get. I smooth this on and it sinks in and settles into a velvet matte finish. This serum has silicon in it which is what most makeup primers have so its great to wear as a primer as well. My foundation glides on and adheres to this serum beautifully.  The silicon in this serum smooths out the appearance of my enlarged pores and the mattle finish evens out the look of my uneven skin tone. As I've only used this product for about a month I will continue to use the product to see if it further improves my skin.  Pro  Velvet smooth texture  Acts like a primer for makeup  Lightweight texture  Strong sturdy bottle  Con  Results from using this take a while 
This is the first serum that I ever used ( 10 years ago maybe) I loved everything about it. From the prettiest green bottle with the golden lid, its luxurious and beautiful scent to its formula and the softest skin ever that it gave me.  The thick formula creates the velvet finish, minimizes ( optically) enlarged pores and softens the skin. Today I think this serum is best used as a make up base/primer for combination/oily skin types as I haven’t noticed any other than temporary results.
Great product that I have recently incorporated into my skincare routine. It has a light, non-greasy texture that can be easily absorbed into the skin. Have really noticed a difference after a few weeks, as it has helped to reduce the look of pores, redness and flakiness around my nose. Will continue to use this daily especially through the winter months!