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Estée Lauder Intuition Eau de Parfum Spray

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Estée Lauder Intuition Eau de Parfum Spray is a luminous, sensuous fragrance that is a modern interpretation of classic oriental richness. It features a heart of rich, golden amber that unfolds on your skin with warmth, femininity and sensuality.


Estée Lauder Intuition Eau de Parfum Spray


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This is a really lovely floral oriental Eau De Parfum from Estee Lauder that I've worn for many years and love having in my fragrance wardrobe. It opens with green and citrus notes, lovely, fresh and zesty, before moving into a more complex floral fragrance in the heart.  Gardenia and rose dominate the heart, but it's also one of the few fragrances that has Rhododendron as a note - as someone who grew up with a massive Rhododendron bush in our garden that was just stunning, I love owing a fragrance featuring this beautiful flower.  As the perfumes dries down, it moves into a true oriental with warm notes of woods and amber dominating. Longevity is excellent, and I only need a light touch when applying too.  Sillage is also ideal, while it doesn't enter the room before you do, people around you will notice you're wearing it - and possibly ask you what you're wearing too. I feel this scent is at home in the office as much as it is on a romantic night out - versatile, not overpowering, very pleasant & very wearable.  It's a scent that is a little on the mature side, so I'd recommend it mostly to women 25 and over.  If you love floral oriental scents, this one should be on your radar.  ;Highly recommended.