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Estée Lauder Little Black Primer

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Estée Lauder Little Black Primer is a lash primer that works to create the perfect base for long and fuller lashes. The formula can be used on its own for a natural finish, or underneath or over mascara as a lightweight, water-resistant sealant.


Estée Lauder Little Black Primer


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I was not a big fan of this lash primer because it didn't do much to my lashes. Firstly I applied one coat to my top lashes and didn't see much difference so I applied another coat and can see my lashes have lengthen slightly but it didn't gave me a 'wow'. This lash primer claims to be water resistant and lengthen lashes which a lot of mascaras have the same functions so I can't justify to purchase this primer.
I just don’t get the concept of this product! It’s an ok product- as a primer it fits the bill but there’s nothing special about it to justify the high end price. A couple of coats of a good mascara without this primer has the same result.
Best lash primer I have ever used. The product comes out black, and on its own tints and lifts lashes. I find this great on its own for a natural, everyday look!!  However it is also amazing as a base for mascara. I find that it makes my eyelashes look longer, and it is easier to apply mascara after using this primer. The primer can also be used on top of mascara to set it. The primer holds mascara and is waterproof!!
I've always been a huge fan of Estee Lauder mascaras so I thought I'd try this primer, especially because it's tinted black and I'm usually not a fan of the regular white lash primers. The brush is relatively small and has a slight curve shape, which makes it easy to apply the product to top, bottom and corner lashes. The primer doesn't apply too heavily or look clumpy, however I find it doesn't add much volume or definition to my lashes either, as the brush is too small and doesn't really pick up or hold much product. This lash primer does help my mascara last longer and I don't get any smudging, flakes or even panda eyes by the end of the day when I use this product, so it definitely prolongs the wear of your mascara! It can also be used instead of mascara on the days when you only want add a light black tint to your lashes, as it gives a very natural look with a hint of curl too. I am pleased that this product doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes so it probably would suit contact lense wearer's. Overall I would say this is a good product but it definitely hasn't amazed me and there are cheaper alternatives available that would deliver the same or even better results. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a product that prolongs their mascara wear but can also be used on a daily basis to add a touch of tint and curl to lashes. But I don't think it adds much volume, definition or length to lashes and is quite expensive too.
This is one of those hidden gems, that you didn’t know that you needed until you have tried it and it becomes a can’t-live-without! I was very impressed with this Estee Lauder lash primer. It looks great worn on its own as a mascara and separates and tints lashes for a natural, my-lashes-but-better look. It goes on black, which makes it better than a lot of other mascara primers on the market where the formula is white in colour and needs to be hidden under mascara. I can be quite sensitive to some mascaras, and didn’t have any issues with this irritating my eyes. The formula goes on smoothly without clumping and the brush is well designed to grab every lash.  One of the most important features for me when looking for mascara/primers is that it is easy to remove, so there is no tugging/rubbing of the sensitive eye area. I am pleased to say that I had no issues with this primer and removal was no-fuss using a cotton pad and a two phase eye-makeup remover.  I’ve had issues in the past with panda eyes and my mascara smudging, and when using this primer as a base, my mascara does not budge, even when travelling to hot and humid climates. Given its strong staying power this product, works extremely well on the lower lashes.  It also provides a beautiful base for your mascara to go on, for a more voluminous lash look that locks in curl all day.   Benefits - well designed brush and formula which doesn’t clump (I didn’t experience any irritation) - can be used alone for a natural look, and as a primer and works wonders in preventing panda eyes and mascara smudging - adds volume and holds curl throughout the day, even in hot/humid climates - easy to remove Downsides - Given that it is recommended that you replace eye products like mascaras primers every 3 months, the price point is quite high. However using this primer, it allows me to use mascaras that previously I couldn’t (because of smudging/flaking) so it is worthwhile.