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Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser is a makeup brush cleanser that gently and thoroughly cleans, sanitises and conditions both natural and synthetic brushes.


Estée Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser


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It is very important to give my makeup brushes a good clean at least once a fortnight because dirty brushes traps germs and grime which can cause skin to breakout or block pores. Having said that I hate cleaning my makeup brushes because it is time consuming. But this spray remover makes it more enjoyable because it is cleanse the brushes quickly and thoroughly. I spray it on a brushes, give it a quick rub and rinse out.
Good makeup brushes are quite an investment so to keep them in tip top condition I purchased this brush cleanser knowing Estée Lauder is a high quality brand so I knew it would take great care of my brushes. This is so simple to use. I love the spray bottle, I found the easiest and least messy way was to spray some on a makeup remover pad and wipe the brush in it. It removes all traces of gunk and oil and grime leaving my brushes super clean and fresh. So hygienic and it makes them last longer. This sanitises well and leaves behind a nice clean fragrance. I could see no negatives with this product, a great investment to look after my brushes, I highly recommend purchasing this product.
This brush cleaner comes in an upright spray bottle which reminds me of the bottle of solution you get when you buy glasses. To use the product, I folded a tissue in half, and then half again. I sprayed around 3 sprays on the tissue and then wiped the brush against it until nothing was coming off the brush anymore, I then unfolded the tissues and folded it in a different way to use the other side. It worked well with my estee lauder, real techniques and a few other brands of brushes. The scent of the spray is quite strong. It would be a lot easier if it didn't need rinsing after cleansing with the spray and tissue. When my brushes dried, they were like new again. I did find that the brushes with synthetic bristles dried nicer than others. It's easy enough to use and I would recommend it to others. I also tried to use this to clean my beauty blender, and unfortunately it doesn't do a very good job at it, although I realise it is a brush cleaner and not a sponge cleaner!
Since I spend a decent amount of money on high quality makeup brushes, it's only natural I want to keep them in good shape.  I purchased this brush cleaner along with another on the same day and I have to say, this one is by far superior.  The pump spray makes it easy to spay onto the brushes or in my palm helping spread the cleaner however I like.  It lathers well on a damp brush and also does dry cleaning well.  It leaves a lovely clean fragrance and conditions the brushes leaving them nice and soft.  It's a good sized bottle and it will last for months.  I definitely recommend!
I wash my brushes 1/2 times a week with this cleanser. I spray some of the cleanser onto a clean cloth, gently wipe the brushes and rinse under water. Leaves the brushes clean and doesn't ruin the bristles. Super easy and doesn't irritate my skin.