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Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit

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Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit is an all-in-one eye contouring trio for adding depth and dimension to eyes for a bigger, brighter and more defined appearance. The smoothing base has a creamy formula that preps and primes the lid for a flawless, stay-put application. The highlighter brightens shadows and accentuates the features. Finally, the powder contour defines the eye with multi-dimensional allure. Ideal for wearing alone or under eye makeup.


Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit


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I recommend this product for those who enjoy a full-face heavy make-up look! It is great for parties or nights out and is very long lasting. It contours dramatically, however, if applied with little pressure, it can be suitable for everyday natural looks also. It dries relatively quickly, not leaving the skin sticky. It honestly lasts for ageeeeesss so it's not too overpriced. It comes with 3 shades which allows you to choose which colours to apply. Long lasting and great!
I purchased this eye sculpt kit as I was looking for a natural looking everyday eyeshadow palette, and this product stood out as I haven't seen anything else like it. The eyeshadows come in a beautiful bright blue palette, with a decent sized mirror and a dual-sized brush applicator. The palette has two neutral shades and a eyelid primer. The highlighter and contour shades are quite sheer and not too pigmented, so this is the perfect eyeshadow palette if you want to create a "no makeup" day look. The packaging/box contains a step by step guide on how to apply the shades to create dimension and a more contoured look. I don't usually wear very bold or bright eyeshadows so I am very pleased with the natural, yet defined look this creates. The primer helps create a smooth base and I apply it all over my eyelids and brow bone area. However the cream highlighter shade can start to crease by the end of the day even with the primer. In terms of the sculpting effects, my eyes do look more brighter because of the shimmery beige-pink highlighter, however the powder contour shadow is a taupe-brown shade and is a bit too sheer to deliver visible contouring, and to me it looks more like a regular nude brown shade. I recommend this palette to anyone who wants to create a very subtle, nude eye look. I think the two shades would suit most skin tones as they are universal beige and brown shades. If you are looking for a more intense, defined eye look and more pigmented shades then the colours in this palette may be too natural and nude for you.  Pros: Creates a natural, defined everyday no makeup eye look  Primer helps the two shadows glide on easily and smoothly Quick and easy 3 step application  Cons: Expensive Contour shade is too sheer and not very pigmented Shadows can smudge and crease by the end of the day
I decided to buy this after watching the how-to video on Estee Lauder site. I love the product. I didn't  bother wearing any eye make up to work prior to buying this and I now always use this product for day wear. It is easy to apply and I believe I look younger with my eyes being more defined and brighter. It certainly makes me feel more confident and I have received a number of compliments since I started taking more care and using this product. It is compact and carry in your make up bag. I have since purchased two - one for my bathroom and one for my travel cosmetic bag.