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Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask

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Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask is a liquid-light clay mask that dries in minutes, drawing out built-up impurities to liven up lacklustre skin. It helps absorb accumulated toxins and debris so pores look reduced and skin is reset to a beautiful balance. Immediately, skin feels refreshed and incredibly smooth and looks clarified and revived with a healthy glow.


Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask


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The Estée Lauder NightWear Plus 3 Minute Detox Mask is a quick but effective mask which is perfect for me because I don't have the patience to wait for 10 to 15 minutes like most masks. This detox mask feels good on skin but does make my skin feel a little tight when it dried down. After rinse off, my skin didn't get irritation or breakouts at all. Instead, my skin looked clean, smooth with radiant. I wear makeup everyday so I use this mask once a week as a deep cleanse and I have noticed my blackheads have reduced a lot.
This is a fast working clay mask for those with combination/oily skin who want to make the skin look clear, smooth and matte. The mask comes in a simple green tube with a golden lid ( like other products from the Day/Night Wear series). Pleasantly smelling of cucumber, that pale green clay mask is easily applied to the face thanks to its rather liquid formula. Only a thin layer is enough, it dries out quickly and is easily removed with lukewarm water. It cleanses the skin, gets rid of accumulated debris from the surface of the skin. It definitely refines pores ( straight after use the effect is most noticeable), leaves the skin really smooth, soft and matte. I wouldn't leave it on the  face for longer than recommended three minutes as it might dry out the skin a little. I am not sure whether this is the best product for those with dry skin, but it is great for those with a skin type similar to mine that is combination/oily because it leaves the skin looking refined.