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Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener

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Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener is a multi-sharpening tool that fits all Estée Lauder lip and eye pencils. The precision sharpener catches shavings for easy disposal and features different size openings to fit any pencil.


Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener


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I originally only bought this sharpener to make up the difference for the price so I could get the GWP I wanted. I foolishly felt all sharpeners were pretty much the same!! Well, they aren't - this one is BRILLIANT. It is super easy to sharpen just about any size pencil and the pencil sharpens without breaking. The lid is excellent as you have no problem with the shavings, you just take the lid off and empty when you need to. I can't believe there can be so much difference in the quality of makeup pencil sharpeners and this is fantastic.
I'm very impressed with this sharpener, it is such great quality, I had it for almost  8 years and I won't replace it with anything else. It is a bit pricey, however it performs effectively and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants something that works efficiently and lasts longer.
I received this Estée Lauder sharpener as a gift from a friend along with a lip pencil and it's an amazing sharpener, one of the best Iv used. Really high quality the stainless steel blades are sharp enough to get a precision point on all my pencils and the dual carriage means I can sharpen both fine pencils up to chunky ones including crayons with ease. It catches shavings with ease with its removable cover so no mess and it's a really attractive classy design, perfect for my makeup bag.  This perfectly sharpens both my lip and eye products I couldn't be without it. Love this, Estée Lauder always does such a quality product and this sharpener measures up. No negatives. Love it. Highly recommend it.
I was fed up with losing half of my Eye and Lip liner pencils trying to sharpen them with a regular makeup sharpener.  Once I got a hold of the Estee Lauder Pencil Sharpener there has been far less product wastage. A remarkable sharpener that sharpens quick and easily providing a soft precise and accurate point when my products are directly applied.  It has an appealing custom designed dual blade and contains a removable cover to capture all the shavings while it's sleek design is easy to clean. A high quality duo sharpener that designed to fit most lip liner and eyeliner pencils. It is an imperative makeup tool that I recommend everyone should own.  This product goes to show that if you spend just that little bit extra, it will give you amazing results.