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Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup SPF 25

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Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup SPF 25 is an anti-ageing foundation that instantly brightens and perfects skin while reducing the look of lines and nourishing skin with oil-free hydration. The long-wearing formula is infused with age-defying Perfectionist Serum technology. 

Available in 16 shades.


Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup SPF 25


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I had been on the look-out for a new foundation after trying the Estee Lauder Double Wear which didn’t suit my skin, and it was suggested to me by an Estee Lauder rep to try the Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup SPF 25.  I had a colour match done and I was given a sample pot to take away.    I have dry, mature skin which the Perfectionist makeup is formulated to address.  I want a makeup that isn’t going to accentuate my fine lines and couple of wrinkles, and one that is going to give a light to medium coverage.  I also expect a high priced makeup to actually look perfect and to blend well into my skin.  I don’t want to see patches or white spots.    So,what did I discover about this makeup?  First of all, I had better luck finding a shade in the Perfectionist to match my skintone than I did with the Double Wear.  Also, I found the best way for me to apply the makeup is with my fingers.  Using a brush gave a streaky finish, and using a sponge didn’t work for me at all. Blending and patting with my fingers gave a much better coverage.    The makeup has a light, medium consistency – not too thin or thick.  The makeup spreads smoothly and I find a pea sized blob is enough to cover my face.  I like a natural fresh finish and one that doesn’t feel as though it is clogging my pores.    This makeup leaves a dewy satin finish but I find half way through the day it really doesn’t look as good as when I first applied it.  I’m not sure whether this is because of the moisturiser or primer I apply underneath the makeup or whether it is just not long wearing.  However, I’ve only used this makeup during warmer weather so I will continue to play around with it as the weather cools down and try different moisturisers and primers to see if I can achieve the result I’m looking for.    The Perfectionist Youth Infusing Makeup has a few positives in that it contains an SPF25; it has a slight blurring effect to disguise fine lines; and it contains amino acids and peptides to help smooth and plump the skin.    Would I recommend it?  I think with any high priced foundation you really need to get a sample pot first to try it out.  Having a colour match in-store is one thing but actually applying the makeup yourself and seeing how it lasts through a normal day is something you have to do at home yourself without having to purchase a full sized product and then finding it is not suitable. 
My ultimate Holy Grail foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear but I wanted to give this one a try as it has a serum as part of the formula.  I thought it would be ideal to wear on those casual days where I don't need that fabulously flawless look that the Double Wear gives but still want some coverage.  I will warn that the shades don't match up as 1N1 Ivory Nude in the Double Wear is a little darker and has a slightly warm pull to it, whereas this Perfectionist version is a good one shade paler and is a clear and true neutral.  It is an ideal winter colour for me as it is beautifully pale and a little more hydrating than the Double Wear.  I removed a star because I like it, but I just don't like it like the Double Wear because it doesn't last as long (particularly under extreme conditions) and you have to powder it or it just doesn't last on my normal-dry skin.  The good thing with this foundation is that it comes with a pump already (so not that extra $10 to pay for it like you do with Double Wear).  It does have quite a strong chemical-sunscreen scent though, so if you were sensitive to scent maybe you should try a sample pot first.  I do love the satin and slightly blurred finish this leaves, it's really pretty and flattering, just wish it had the lasting power and transfer-proof finish like the Double Wear.
I have used the Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Makeup almost daily for almost 7 months now- and I am still yet to find the bottom of the bottle. So, although this one is quite pricey- I don't lose sleep knowing that I am still getting my money's worth. My skin type is classic combination. My T-zone is always oily, I frequently suffer breakouts on my chin and along my jawline- and yet I can also have dry patches on my cheeks and/or around my nose at the same time. So, finding a foundation that can somehow work with all of these issues has been rather difficult.  I have found that the Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Makeup has really delivered on its promises and has catered for my individual needs well. I have high expectations for foundation, and after trying so many different ones, I have very specific criteria that needs to be met before I can find one I will repurchase. I will detail what I look for and how the Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Makeup has performed. 1. Consistency/ Feel- I look for foundation that has colour consistency throughout, as well as a fluid that isn't too thin nor too thick. The consistency in Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Makeup is perfect. Applying the foundation over a makeup primer or even a moisturiser is a dream. A very small amount (around half a pump) is all that is needed to do a full face as this product smooths over perfectly and is really easy to blend outwards to perfectly blend into your natural skin tone, keeping your makeup looking natural and fresh and without the heavy, uncomfortable feeling of most long wearing foundations. This foundation feels lovely on- it feels fresh and light. I have found though, that by the end of a long day at work that I can often feel a little greasy and appear shiny in my t-zone, but this is easily fixed with a couple of blotting papers without ruining the cover the foundation gives me. Durability/ Long-wearing - Typically I do a 10 hour work day, so it is important that my foundation lasts. This foundation hasn't let me down yet, as it goes the distance for my working day without the need to touch up or reapply, even with my oiliness being at its peak at the end of the day as mentioned earlier. Coverage- Because I often suffer breakouts it is important that I find something that is easily able to be built up to cover imperfections- without causing me to break out more. This magic stuff has perfectly hidden many nasty pimples, and is still able to feel light on my skin. Even with some of my worst skin breakouts, with the help of Estee Lauder Youth Infusing Makeup, I have still been able to pull off the perfect selfie without the need for editing. Winning! It really is so easy to build it to your perfect coverage without that caked on feeling. The product promises to "instantly brightens and perfects skin" and I would have to agree with that statement. I am really loving my results. Pros: *A little goes a long way.   * Provides a natural looking and feeling coverage that can easily be built up to conceal even the most difficult skin concerns/issues. * Long-wearing , can out perform many foundations by lasting a 10 hour working day without looking "tired" or "worn". * Doesn't dry out your skin or feel heavy , unlike many long wearing foundations. * Pump bottle makes it easy to ensure you don't waste it by using too much. * SPF 25 for the added convenience of offering sun protection.  Cons- * It is on the pricey side with a price tag of $72. * It can feel a little greasy after a long day if you are prone to oily skin. Recommendations- I would recommend this foundation to anybody. I think this product would suit all skin types, and skin of all ages. I definitely recommend the application of a primer or moisturizer beforehand, as I credit doing so as the reason that my one bottle has lasted so long as it really helps the foundation spread nice and evenly without the need to use much at all. Even with the $72 price tag, I believe you are definitely getting value for money as this product delivers results and seems to last forever. I know that I will definitely repurchase, should I ever actually ever run out!