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Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner

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Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner is a revitalising two-in-one toning lotion and exfoliator. Its gentle cushioning formula works as a toner to condition and balance skin; and as a refiner to remove dry, dull skin cells. Skin looks brighter, smoother and luminous.


Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner


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Contains alcohol

I purchased the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean toner when my HG toner was out of stock and still wasn’t available for a few weeks. The first thing I noticed is the bottle is plastic which is great for this clumsy dropper, the second being the strong alcohol smell. I shake a small amount out on to a cotton pad and swipe around my face to remove any final traces of cleanser and dead skin. Amazingly you can see the remnants on the cotton pad, making me glad I purchased this toner. I feel like my pores look smaller since I have been using and my skin seems to be more balanced. My skin feels smoother too. I’ll definitely be purchasing again.
Skin care is the start of a good beauty routine, and the harder you work at it, the more dedicated you are, and by using the right products, you are on your way to being rewarded with skin that is smooth, hydrated, even, and radiates with a natural looking glow, and the perfect base for makeup application. I have worked very hard myself to ensure my skin is clear, smooth, even and radiant, with less redness and blemishes, and I have not looked back, and can feel the confidence and happiness that seems to radiate from me each day. I have worked out which brands and products work for me, and Estee Lauder is one of those brands that really does work for me, so I have incorporated a lot of their brilliant skin care and makeup products into my regime each day. Toner is nothing new, but a toner that gently refines and exfoliates skin, and imparts a hydrated, smooth and radiant glow to skin when used morning and night, in one quick sweep of a cotton pad. I had turned my back on toners as they used to be so harsh, drying and full of alcohol, but these new versions that exist now are just brilliant, and should be part of every good skin care routine. This Estee Lauder perfectly clean multi-action toning lotion/refiner is such a magical little bottle of goodness. With one sweep over my skin with a cotton pad soaked in this miracle water, my skin is instantly smoother, hydrated, even and it helps to remove pesky dead skin and dryness in one, gentle sweep, much better than the usual manual exfoliating product. It prepares my skin for a better absorption of my serum and moisturiser, and over time has dramatically improved the look and condition of my skin. The bottle is generous in size, the price is so decent as so little is needed that it goes a very long way, I've been using it for months and it's not even close to being half empty. Beauty starts from your skin, and if you have a good skin care routine twice a day, using brilliant products from iconic brands like Estee Lauder, you can't help but radiate natural confidence, happiness and power, and what could be more beautiful than that.
This toner comes in a tall plastic bottle with a gold screw top lid. Underneath the lid, there is a small hole for the toner to come out. To use this, I put a cotton pad near the hole and tilt the bottle. It's clear and there is a faint scent, nothing overpowering. I think the hole could be a bit smaller to prevent wastage. I use this after cleansing and it ensures that any residue is taken care of and you can definitely see leftover dirt and grime come off onto the pad. It leaves my skin feel refreshed and skin feels firm, but not right. It prepares my skin to ensure my serum and moisturiser is applied to clean skin. I loved this from the first time I used it, this was my holy grail for at least 5 years but I have moved onto another brand. This is suitable for most skin types. I tried to avoid the under eye area because my skin is a bit dry there and seemed a bit too harsh for dry skin. Pros - lightweight - easy to use - easily accessible - lovely packaging - costs less than other high end toners at department stores - perfect for all seasons, especially hot days Cons - the hole where it comes out from is a bit big - costs a lot more than supermarket brands I would recommend this to those with normal, oily or combination. This may be a bit harsh for those with dry skin.