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Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Creme SPF 15 Normal/Combination

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Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Creme SPF 15 Dry is an anti-ageing day cream for normal/combination skin that creates a firm, lifted and sculpted look. Lines and wrinkles look more smoothed out and lifted away, leaving skin younger looking and revitalised. Contains SPF 15 broad spectrum sun protection.


Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face and Neck Creme SPF 15 Normal/Combination


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Estee Lauder’s Resilience Lift is an anti-aging moisturiser aimed at more mature skin types. Resilience Lift comes in a day cream with SPF 15, and also a night cream. There is aversion for normal/combination skin and another for dry skin. The one that I amusing is the day cream for normal/combination skin. One of my favourite anti-aging creams is Estee Lauder’s Advanced Time Zone, which I was using before starting on Resilience Lift. Before using it, I thought both anti-aging creams are similar (well, they are both packaged in pink jars).  On application, I realised that they are quite different. Resilience Lift has a pale pink colour, and it is nice and thick. A little will go a very long way. However, I always bear in mind that by using just a small quantity of this cream I would not be able to obtain the intended sun protection of SPF 15(which is fine because I always layer on another sunscreen before I go out). The moisturiser is easy to be applied without needing too much effort to “work” the product into the skin. Even it does not get absorbed immediately into my normal skin, I do not feel that the cream is very greasy or oily – but it certainly does leave a feeling of “richness” and nourishment on my skin. I usually wait for 10-15 minutes for proper absorption before applying makeup. The cream is enriched with a light reflecting complex which gives a temporary “lifting”effect. It is also packed with a huge variety of antioxidants and plant extracts for smoother skin. Personally, I did not observe a significant “lifting”effect. I am in my mid 30s so I probably do not have the right “skin type” to notice this change. However, after 2 months’ use my skin remains quite soft,supple and smooth. This cream has not dramatically changed my skin. That said, I was already using an excellent day cream (Estee Lauder’s Advanced Time Zone) so my skin was in a state that I was happy with. This cream has a fairly strong floral fragrance. On some days I can use it without any issue. On other days though, I found that the smell can linger for quite sometime throughout the day, which can be bothersome. I usually prefer moisturiser without a strong smell. As with all the other creams by Estee Lauder, the jar packaging is not ideal because of the risk of contamination and oxidation. However, it is one of Estee Lauder’s luxurious signatures and while it is not ideal, it is acceptable to me. Overall, it is a decent quality cream but I doubt that I would be purchasing it again at its price. I prefer the Advanced Time Zone because I like the lighter texture and also the milder fragrance. Resilience Lift may be more suitable for drier or more mature skin types.
This is a luxurious, anti-aging day cream (for face and neck) and I use the normal-combination skin version. This product is actually designed for slightly more mature skin types than mine, but I decided to purchase this creme instead of Estee Lauder DayWear simply because this one smells amazing and I don't like the scent of DayWear. This product has a more delicate, uplifting floral scent that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. This product comes in a pale pink jar with a gold lid and is available in two sizes; 30ml and 50ml jars and two formulas; one for normal-combination and a richer version for dry skin. Yes this product is VERY expensive for an everyday, daily creme and I have the 50ml size which costs $140 a jar! However it really is a fantastic anti-aging day creme and it contains a long list of anti-oxidant, hydrating, plant and firming/lifting ingredients. It also provides SPF15 protection, which is always a must-have ingredient in anti-aging skincare products, in my opinion. At my age, luckily I don't need too much skin lifting or firming, so I can't comment on whether this product lives up to these claims. But I can definitely say that this is an excellent, all-round anti-aging, moisturising and hydrating day creme. I really purchased this product because I loved the soft, not-too-heavy texture that absorbs easily into my skin and of course because of the lovely scent. This moisturiser doesn't feel heavy, thick or too rich for my combination skin. It has a lightweight texture and provides just the right amount of moisture and hydration for my skin. It also doesn't cause any breakouts, acne or make my skin oily by the end of the day. This moisturiser helps create a soft and smooth base for makeup and really leaves my dehydrated cheeks feeling and looking more plump. My only criticism, other than the price, is that it comes in a jar, which makes the product a little unhygienic and jar packaging doesn't help keep the product very fresh. I would have preferred if the product came in either pump or tube packaging, and I don't know why Estee Lauder always package their amazing day creams in jars?! I would recommend this day creme to anyone who wants a high quality anti-aging moisturiser that provides some SPF protection and helps smooth out fine lines, and dehydration lines. I'm not sure about the lifting and firming qualities, but this product does leave my skin looking soft, smoother and more radiant. There are two formulas available, so I think most skin types can use this creme, other than very oily or acne prone skin. 
I may have stolen my mums sample of this and oh my goodness, I must say I love it. Estée Lauder is known for her beautiful luxurious yet effective skin care and I believe this product is no exception. Let me offer you my thoughts (both positive and negative).  Postives: - I am still rather young however it is important to apply SPF at any age to avoid wrinkles and fine lines and I find although SPF 15 is not overly high this cream works wonderfully under makeup (especially during winter when your SPF does not need to be as high). - I have dry skin and it's recommended for normal/combo skin and it still works well for me, providing enough moisture for an everyday basis- as I find some others moisturisers may specifically for dry skin can be too heavy for everyday use especially under makeup giving me too much of a shine. This is lovely and light and has a lovely texture so if you struggle with moisturisers being overly heavy and weighty on your skin this may be for you. I also find it feels nice and soft on my skin, delivering a slight plumping effect making me look instantly fresher and like I've had a lot more sleep. - In regards to it's anti-aging properties my mum actually uses this cream on an everyday basis and she loves this product as well because it dosent set into her fine Lines. She also says it works well under powder makeup (which typically doesn't look as flawless on mature skin as it settles into the cracks) as it really helps to smooth and improve the texture of the skin underneath. She also likes it as it helps to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles- an effective skin care product. - This is a slightly strange comment but this face/neck cream smells ridiculously good. Negatives: - obviously this product is very expensive and is not an affordable option for many people (although I  must mention a little bit of product goes a long what  therefore the lot will last you a while). But again, if you have a cheaper moisturiser that you love it may not be necessary for you to splurge on this item. But, helpful hint: every year Estée Lauder do specials around Christmas time and if you spend over I think $70 you get a set and this cream is always involved in the kit so if you wanted to try out the products that could be an option. Or always order a sample online or go Ito the counter as they are always very helpful! - Another negative is that if you have skin on the oiler side this moisturiser may not be the one for you (although again samples are always a great option).