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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Creme

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Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Creme is a CC cream with a sheer, universal shade that complements and perfects almost any complexion in one step. The cream is formulated with an IntuiGen™ technology that helps significantly reduce key signs of ageing while richly nourishing, comforting and revitalising skin's appearance for a more even-toned, radiant look.


Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Creme


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Well hello there, it's me again, another day another review. Hmm... maybe I should make a career out of this. Anyway, to my review of this Estée Lauder revitalising supreme cc cream, which I got as a freebie, because there is no way I would pay $85 for a cc cream, unless it's a tube of pure gold goodness, which luckily this just happens to be. I've tried a lot, and I do mean a lot, of bb/cc creams and despite their claims and promises, I always end up disappointed. The fair or light shade is always too dark on me, it's hard to blend in and it never looks like real skin, only better, it just looks like a layer of fake hope and empty promises. That is until this little beauty fell into my eagerly awaiting hands. I am a fairly recent convert to the quite legendary brand that is Estée Lauder. I have started to use their famous night anti ageing serum, their brush on double wear nude foundation stick and the revitalising supreme global wake up balm religiously. So deciding to use the cc cream was easy. This morning, after cleansing, vitamin c powder, serum and moisturising, I waited a few minutes for it to all settle and create the perfect canvas then smoothed on 2 thin layers and blended well. What were the results I got? Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind, followed closely by omg. My skin was bright, even, radiant, smooth and glowing like a candle from within. It was easy to blend in, one thin coat was more than enough, 2 if you want even better coverage and results. The colour was perfect for my white, pale, almost Edward Cullen vampire skin tone. It came off with one swipe of a cotton pad soaked in garnier micellar water and it is almost better than foundation but even better for that no makeup look that everyone seems to want these days. I am working my way steadily through the tube and the results get better and better, and because it is Estée Lauder skin care as well as makeup, I'm finding that on days I wear nothing at all to give my skin a rest, my skin is more even, more radiant and much glowier and dewier and altogether better looking the more I use this cc cream, like I'm wearing makeup and caring, anti ageing skincare all at once, and who doesn't want that? To conclude this review, I love this cc cream more than any I've ever tried, it gives the perfect no makeup, makeup look, and my skin is the most amazing looking and condition that it has been in many years. Yes it is $85, which may be off putting to some people, it certainly was to me, but now that I've tried it, I will happily fork out $85 for my next tube when this tube is finished, and that could be any day now. I can't live without it and if they ever dare to discontinue it, I will protest very loudly. So, my beauty loving peeps, stay tuned for my next review...