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Estée Lauder Spellbound Eau de Parfum

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Estée Lauder Spellbound Eau de Parfum is an alluring fragrance with rich spices, rare blossoms, hints of fruit and the sensual luxury of vanilla.


Estée Lauder Spellbound Eau de Parfum


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Scent.....the most memorable of all the senses.Just one whiff of a certain scent can take you back to your childhood,your first love,your wedding day or a summer spent overseas,and this is what this fragrance does for me. I first got this many years ago,as a sample,and i have loved it ever since (and the memories it evokes).This is a rich fragrance,bursting with a floral / spicy / slightly fruity notes that lasts for hours on end,and will have everyone ask what it is you are wearing.It is great for any season (fresh enough to be summer appropriate,rich enough for winter) and for any situation you can think of (won't assault the senses of workmates or that special someone nuzzling your neck).I know this is a bit of an oldie,but if you have worn it before,give it another try....and if you have never worn it,you may just find this your new signature scent.TIP:Spray a little onto a cotton ball and place in the air vent of his will make him have you on his mind all day (the heat from it now it is winter will permeate the car in a subtle but lasting way).