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Estée Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum

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Estée Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum is a crisp, refreshing fragrance that captures the essence of a perfect day: early spring breezes tinged with the fragrance of fresh flowers and endless blue sky. It evokes the crispness of clean sheets, the coolness of white flowers and fresh greenery. It features notes of Bulgarian rose, violet and orris blossoms.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 100mL.


Estée Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum


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My mum has been using this for years, and she bought me one about a year ago. It's one of my favourite perfumes. I'm not great at describing scents, but this is quite crisp smelling. It's feminine, without being sweet. I dislike sweet smelling fragrances as they give me headaches- this is one of the few perfumes that I can wear. It also has a fantastic lasting power. One spray is all you need and I can still smell it on myself after I've had a shower. It's the kind of scent you can wear all year round. I couldn't recommend it enough.
White Linen is my go to perfume when I want to feel confident and assertive. I have used this fragrance for years, mainly for special events as it is so feminine and crisp. I receive so many compliments which is why I definitely recommend it to anyone and always have a bottle on my dresser.
I received this perfume years ago and it has been a favourite ever since, I wore this on my sisters wedding day so it has special memories. Itis a bright, fresh, youthful, summer floral, so light and pretty yet it lasts for hours, this is a feminine, elegant scent and the pretty pale gold bottle is a classic, it actually does remind you of white linen and freshness when wearing it, beautiful. I would recommend this
I loved this perfume so much I wore it on my wedding day. Such an absolutely divine smell. It has the power to take me back to that day. Estee Lauder is a perfume goddess and this is one of my all time favorites. Can be worn in Summer or Winter. It's just a classic!
Estée Lauder White Linen Eau de Parfum has been my winter signature scent for over 30 years. I just love the fact that perfume is not ageist and I can’t keep wearing it forever, without looking like mutton dressed as lamb! My grandkids have all grown up with scent and can smell it anywhere, anytime and remember me.   The scent is hard to explain but it is fresh and reminds me of a sunny spring day. It is beautiful, elegant, and feminine. It has lasted the test of time and still remains a classic because it is such a lovely fragrance.   I enjoy layering this fragrance by including body wash and body lotion when I am going out but a spray or two is perfect for everyday. White Linen is soft enough to wear everyday and settles beautiful on my skin. You can’t beat smelling fresh and White Linen delivers.   Pros: Long lasting fragrance. I always get compliments on how lovely it smells. Classy. Timeless. Value for money.   Cons: None.   I would recommend White Linen, it’s beautiful.  
White linen was my first bottle of expensive perfume back in the 80's, its still one of my favorites, its beautiful light scent lingers for hours and people always make comment how lovely it smells.