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etat pur Melting Exfoliating Gel

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etat pur Melting Exfoliating Gel is a gentle facial scrub, enriched with apricot kernel powder. Effectively exfoliates the skin without stripping or damaging it. Refines skin texture and imparts a velvety feel. Starts with a gel texture and then melts into an oil, before transforming into a milk to be easily rinsed off and leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Made with apricot kernel powder to provide a mechanical exfoliating action eliminating dead skin cells,glycerin increases the water content of the skin's surface layers and an emollient to soothe and soften the skin. Usage: Once or twice a week as needed. Apply to the entire face, avoiding the eye contour area, and gently exfoliate using small circular motions without using pressure. Apply to clean, slightly damp skin.


etat pur Melting Exfoliating Gel


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