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Eylure Dybrow is a permanent tint for brows will give you salon looking results within minutes. The proven formula will darken your brows to ensure an even colour and leave you with beautifully defined brows that lasts up to 6 weeks. With a super easy and under 15 minutes application. Available in Black and Dark Brown.


Eylure Dybrow


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DIY brow tint

I would consider my eyebrows to be dark and full but there are some areas that aren't as full as I would have liked. Plus I like my brows to have that lush, thick look as if they have just been filled in with makeup. I have never used a brow tint before and really wanted to try it out. That way it would save me some time in the morning from having to fill in my brows. Using the kit was pretty easy, you just pour a bit of the eyebrow colour into the plastic bowl and then add some of the activator and mix it together until it's fully blended. There is a brush to apply the cream onto your eyebrows but you can also use a Q-tip as I find that it's more precise. I also applied vaseline around my eyebrows to prevent my skin from staining. I left the dye on my eyebrows for around 30 minutes and then washed it off. Right after I could see how much darker and fuller my eyebrows looked! The colour matched my brows perfectly and it looked natural, you wouldn't be able to tell that I dyed my brows. My only issue with the dye brow was that it didn't last for as long as I wanted. Because I wash my face morning and night this would fade my the colour of my brows so after several days it was noticeably lighter and going back to the look of my old brows. It's a good product for those who want a semi permanent brow tint and want to do it in the comfort of their own home.

Eylure Dark Brown Tint

I have been tinting my eyebrows for the past 13 or so years and always use a professional eyebrow tint in dark brown as a beauty therapist I can just do it at work. I was very excited to see something like this on the market to offer up to six weeks coverage that someone could use at home after cleansing my face and drying my skin I applied Vaseline around my brows to act as a barrier to protect the skin around my brows from being stained as you would with a professional tint and as it said on the instructions to do so. Following the instructions I squeezed out 2 cm of the Dark Brown tint it and applied five drops of the activator to the 10 and mixed it with the one in a little plastic dish provided and applied to my brows. The tint did not have any smell which I liked and felt comfortable on my skin I left it on for 15 minutes which was the maximum time they recommend to leave on your brows. After removing the tint with with water I noticed it had covered the couple of white hairs I do have in my brown and my brows had a brown tinge to them but they still looked gappy and I didn’t get that full coverage affect that I usually get from a professional tint. Personally I like my brows to be filled in and when I tint them myself with the professional tint at work it doesn’t leave any gaps and the brows appear more filled in however the Eylure tint did cover the greys so for someone that just wanted it for that use that would be good for them or for someone that doesn’t so much of a full coverage tint and more natural I would recommend that for them. I will be interested to see how long it lasts and if it lasts up to the six weeks. Update on my brows, After a week the white hairs through my brows are still tinted however I’ve needed to fill in my brows with a brow pencil to touch up the gaps. Update since tinting my own brows I tinted my sisters who was due to have hers tinted by me at the salon, she has the same hair colour as me and is the shade she would usually have. I followed the steps again, applied Vaseline around the brows, squeezed 2cm of tint into the plastic bowl provided and added 5 drops of the oxidant and mixed with a disposable mascara wand. I left it on for 15 mins to get maximum results unfortunately it was again underwhelming the tint was very subtle tinting some lighter hairs but again there was definitely not a great noticeable difference.