Eylure Line & Lash - Black Noir

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Eylure Line & Lash is a brilliant felt tip eyeliner pen that lays down a super precise line of adhesive that makes lash application as easy as applying your everyday eyeliner. Say goodbye to the messy, sticky glues and hello to fuss free lash application. The Black Eylure Line & Lash doubles up as a smudge proof liquid eyeliner for an all-day lash look, you’ll love. It gives you perfect lashes with every line.


Eylure Line & Lash - Black Noir


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Works and Quick to Dry

I don't ever wear false eyelashes but I was interested to try this product as I have seen many videos online. It actually worked! I particularly liked that the product had a double use. I definitely wear eyeliner every day. When I didn't wear lashes it worked as a great liner. The tip was very easy to use and the pigment was rather opaque. I do have very oily eyelids though, and found a little bit of smudging. I believe if you wear false lashes, it is a great duo product. If you don't wear lashes, it is a rather good liner but might not be worth it if you are not using it as an adhesive.
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Pigmented & fast drying!

When I first read the outline of this product I was extremely intrigued by an item that could double as a lash adhesive & eyeliner. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the adhesive as false eyelashes aren’t my thing but love the innovative idea. On the other hand using it as an eyeliner worked well! The colour was dark and pigmented; it also was easy to apply and dried quickly. The best bit though was once it was set/dried it didn’t budge. Great for a night out! From my experience I would recommend this to those after a pigmented liquid eyeliner & those that are intrigued by new beauty concepts!
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Elevates any look!

What a dream (and ingenious) product! I use eyeliner daily, so to be able to add an extra lift to my weekend look by adding false lashes on top of my liner is a big bonus! Usually I groan at the thought of applying false eyelashes, but with this easy to apply liquid liner with such a fine tip, application was mess and fuss free and I could easily follow my natural lash line with individual lashes! I prefer the look and feel of individual lashes personally, so I mostly trialled this liner with those and it worked a treat, but I also tried this liner with a set of strip lashes, and I found that applying a line of this product to my lash line and then drawing along the strip lashes ensured that double adhesion would happen and it worked a treat! I would highly recommend this product for anyone who loves a dramatic eye look!
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Affordable way to try liner lashes

I have heard about liner false eye lashes before but hadn't tried them before. I think the whole issue with these ones was me, but for the life of me I could not get them to stick properly! I tried letting the liner dry to different stages of wetness, using my fingers, a set of tweezers, a false eye lash applicator, and nothing seemed to give me a nice application. I do have quite small and hooded eyes, which may have contributed to the issues I had. I generally don't have much problem applying false eye lashes the standard way by putting last glue on the lashes themselves. These are a fairly affordable way to try liner applicator false lashes if you are curious. Sadly for me, they didn't apply well to my lash line at all and I had to eventually abandon trying with them. Back to the lash glue for me!
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Great little liner

I don't wear false eyelashes so unfortunately I was unable to use the lash application side of this product but do wear eyeliner and I felt this was a great use for this product. You can easily apply thick or thin using the pen tip and it doesn't smudge at all once it has dried and it dries quite quickly! It's probably not an everyday use but fantastic for when you want great eyes for a night out. I would love to see how it goes as a lash applicator and would also be interested in seeing more colours.
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Solid eyeliner colour

This eyeliner pen applies strong colour for my eye lines. The brush is good and the colour does not break when you apply. The colour of the ink is solid and comes out easily, so you don't have to draw harshly on your eye lines. The eyeliner is easily controlled. Although it is not waterproof, it smudges on my eye after using for half a day. However, it could be because I get oily around my eyes easily and causing the smudge. Otherwise, it is a good eyeliner for normal use. I would recommend it!
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Great for an eyeliner too!

I don't use false eyelashes but I was still interested to try this product and use it as a liquid eyeliner! I found that the tip was nice to use and it allowed for you to have the option of a thin or thicker line. The pigment is quite dark and quick drying. As mentioned it was quick drying and once dried it did not smudge, which I loved! I like the packaging and as the wand is a littler bigger, I felt that it was comfortable to use and hold steady. I am not sure how this worked as an eyelash adhesive as I don't wear false eyelashes due to having sensitive eyes, it made a good alternative for a eyeliner!