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FOREO LUNA 3 is a deep-cleansing and skin-firming silicone facial massage tool with customisable settings that allow you to personalise your treatment to suit your skin’s specific needs. The device has a ‘Firming’ mode and a ‘Cleansing’ mode and connects to the FOREO app on your mobile device or tablet. You can control the pulsation intensity and utilise targeted firming massage routines to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gently remove dirt and impurities, improve the absorption of skin care products, relax facial muscle tension, and improve the appearance of skin tone for a radiant and even complexion. 

Blue device pictured is for combination skin. Also available in pink for normal skin and purple for sensitive skin.

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Worth the money

In love with my Luna 3! The bristles are so soft and the shape is a perfect fit for moving around the face and even accessing hard to reach places like around the nose. I love the upgrade from the Luna 2 that there is more surface area and the bristles are longer. I didn't think that I would like controlling the device from the app, but after first setting it up it's really easy and there are a lot of different programs to choose from - I really love the massage ones more than I thought I would. Loving my skin after switching to Luna 3. I used Luna 2 before and I can say that my skin looks more toned than before which is the major difference. My skin is still radiant and looks fresh, but the upgrade with the Luna 3 is definately in toning. A single charge gets you months and months or usage, it's insane. Would highly reccomend, the price is well worth it.

Best cleansing device to me so far.

I have one for combo skin, featured on the photo-colour blue. My skin is combo , oily t zone, huge pores since forever (due to very oily skin past). Very prone to white and black heads, clogged pores. I have been using foreo2 edit for years, since it came out non stop, daily. Without fail. Even when travelling, it goes with me. I prefer version 2 than 3 as the previous does not "talk" to you, just does a great job. New one has a bit longer knobs and just a bit larger surface area, but does the same job. If you have Luna2, no need to get 3. Both do same job. Using the device, my skin is always so soft and clean after and can use now any cleanser out there, results are great and same. Foaming, oil, cream, balm...all cleansers will do! Just need to avoid those with scrubby particles. When using oil or balm cleanser I do extra time to massage well my skin with the device. Skin is sublime afterwards. I never use other side, just the front. To max vibrations. For cleansing and massaging. Overpriced yes, app not needed me it is annoying. So one star less. Get the device on sale if you need one. For me, fingers and palms only weren't enough to get a good cleansing ritual as after using the device. Also found cleansing cloths a bit drying and abrasive. Plus foreo is so easy to keep clean. Lasts for years. Charging needed: for my one day use every 5-6 months (do not forget where you left your charging cord!). I use it also on my neck and chest in the morning shower by the way. Longer than 60 seconds.
I absolutely love the Foreo Luna 3! I felt a difference already after one use. I have combination acne prone skin and after using it, my skin felt much smoother and soft. What I really like about the LUNA 3 is that it is easy to clean. It is a bit pricey but in the long term it works out to be a better investment than other skin care products. I have used the clarisonic brush for a few years and stopped as it got too costly changing the brushes regularly. You can also choose your massage settings which I think is so great! I use it once a day, every day and just love the way it makes my skin look and feel. I definitely recommend everyone to buy foreo 3! In summary, the battery lasts really long, it's easy to clean and maintain, and perfect size to carry with you anywhere!
The tool itself is great, after first time usage my skin felt really soft and clean. After using it for a couple of weeks, my skin has clearly become brighter and clearer - I can't say whether or not it has improved my acne problem as the trial period coincided with me travelling to a country with severe pollution and I am getting more acne in the last week or so. Battery life is fantastic, great for travelling! The downside is that the app is clunky and doesn't work most of the time. For a first time user I also found that the instructions could have been more comprehensive. In summary, love the product but not so much the app!
This beauty tech product is such a great investment. My cleanser has never worked so well and paired with the app makes it super easy to use and navigate. I really enjoyed using the other functions, such as massage and facials and found it really easy to use. My skin is cleaner and definitely clearer with daily use. I have a much brighter and even complexion since incorporating the Foreo into my regimen! I can't recommend this product enough!
Thank you to BeautyCrew and Foreo for the chance to try out LUNA 3! I have been using LUNA 2 for 2 years and I was really excited to take part in the trial so that I can do a compare of the two devices.  I have a LUNA 2 for normal skin, and was given a LUNA 3 for combination skin. I myself have normal skin, but my skin became blemish prone in the second half of the official trial period because I was using the wrong skincare products (ouch!) BRIEF DESCRIPTION This cleansing brush is made of silicone, which touch points of different sizes distributed throughout the cleansing surface. The bigger touch points are designed for oilier area and the smaller touch points are designed for dry/normal areas. The device has one button.  On the reverse side it is the "massage" surface with horizontal ripples across the device. WHAT I LIKE LUNA 3 has a bigger cleansing surface area than LUNA 2, making it more efficient than LUNA 2.  I can clean my skin better in a shorter period of time.  Each individual silicone touch point is longer.  I feel that, especially with the longer touch points, the vibration exerts less pressure on my skin. One of the issue that I have with my LUNA 2 is that it feels very strong and I was only able to use it every second day even on the second lowest setting.  With LUNA 3,my skin can tolerate it on a daily basis.  LUNA 3 has more intensity settings (16), while LUNA 2 has 8, although I use the second lowest in both devices. The device has already been charged so there is no need to charge the device overnight (like I did with LUNA 2) Same as LUNA 2, it does make my skin feel cleaner, and feels more refined, but it does not solve my skin congestion or blemish problems. WHAT I DON'T LIKE The App!! I hated it with a passion.  Firstly, without the App, the device does not get to set up properly.  Before using LUNA 3, I had to download the app (which was a BIG hiccup, because it would not install itself after the download).  The App is also very big and it takes up a lot of space on my phone (I already have a storage shortage in my phone!).  The Foreo android support was fairly slow in getting back to me - by the time they got back to me I have already tried different download methods and sorted it out.  After the App was installed, I was asked to enter my gender and Date of Birth, both of which I feel very unnecessary.  Only after that, I was able set the timing and intensity of the device using my phone. Thereafter, I can switch on and off the device without my phone, but I am NOT able to change any of the settings (such as time and intensity) without the App. Which means that, I could not change my intensity half way through in the shower if I feel it was too weak or too strong. I was also NOT be able to start the firming mode without the App.  This has increased a lot of screen time for me before bed which is highly undesirable.  Because of this reason, after a few days I have completely stopped using the firming mode, because I don't want to look at my phone all the time. I feel that technology is supposed to bring convenience to our lives, but in this case it is quite frankly unnecessary, and makes the device more inconvenient to use. I much prefer LUNA 2 in that sense.
This is the first time I have used a cleansing device for my face, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed. The pulsations and the silicone brush is very gentle on the skin, and it really feels as if you're getting into the nooks and crannies when you are cleansing your face. I also like the fact that it is timed, so that you know you're cleansing for an adequate amount of time. I also really like the massage function. The only con is that the app can be a bit clunky and initially it took a while to connect my phone and luna.
I have always had a pretty simple, no frills cleansing approach to my skincare routine so I was really excited to try the Foreo Luna 3. Its so gentle and relaxing to use, and my skin has never felt so clean and looked so clear! It feels like my serum and moisturizer are also a lot more effective since I am getting a much deeper clean. I love that I don't really have to think about charging it too often and that I can use it in the shower. I'm really happy with this new addition to my skincare routine, it will definitely be here to stay!
I have acne prone combination skin and have so far enjoyed using the Forea Luna 3 as part of my evening skincare routine. I find in the morning I’m still opting to just use my fingers to cleanse my face as it’s a little faster.  That said I’ve loved using the Forea Luna 3 as part of my evening skincare routine as part of  my second step face cleanse. I’m finding it does a good job of cleansing the skin and quite gently and helps to ensure you don’t overcleanse your face. I’ve only opted for the default cleanse option on the device but I think the ability to customise the device via the app gives it an added layer of functionality which I think is cool. Although not it’s primary purpose, a cool feature of the Forea Luna 3 is its ability to do facial massages using the back of the device, I find this feature really relaxing and enables better blood circulation across your face. 
I’m usually a pretty traditional double cleanse in the shower kind of girl. This was my first time using a facial cleanser brush and I have to say I’m a convert. My personal experience using this device has been a game changer on my 34 year old skin. What I most love about the LUNA 3 is the massage function. It gets the blood circulating and stimulates collagen and all the important stuff underneath the skin. It lifts and tightens and really helps to massage in serums. I have noticed a drastic reduction in my early morning eye puffiness, and fine lines. I have used this twice a day for 3-4 weeks and I saw results very quickly. My skin is softer, more even textured and in the words of family and friends “looking super glowy.”  Yes, the device comes with a hefty price tag, but I truly believe it’s worth the investment if you are committed to using it regularly. I cleanse with it twice a day and use the massage function in the morning. I found the app really simple and straightforward to use. It’s important to note that you can use the LUNA without needing to connect to the app. Personally, I prefer using it without the app as I tend to not keep my phone in the bathroom. Once you watch the instruction videos a couple of times, it’s easy to memorise the movements and use on your own. It’s super soft and gentle on the skin. It is not abrasive nor does it leave any marks. I literally could not be happier with the product - definitely can’t live without it now! 
I've always been skeptical towards Foreo Luna products as I never was sure what it was used for and after using the product for 10 days, my skin is noticeably smoother and clearer and I find that I use less foundation day-to-day. The Foreo Luna 3 comes with an app which guides you to how to use the product more effectively. It allows you to tailor your use to match your skin type and the skin issues you are wanting to target. Mine would be firming around the eyes and jaw line. With the silicone bristles, it is extremely easy to clean as opposed to other cleansing products that are in a brush form. I now have managed to fit Foreo Luna 3 into my day to day skincare routine at the end of the day to thoroughly clean and wash off all the makeup residue. This is a great skincare tool for anyone who is looking to invest in a skincare routine in the comfort of their own home and that will last a long time as opposed to going to the skincare clinic.
I was really excited to try the Foreo Luna 3 after hearing good things about cleansing devices and it did not disappoint. After the first few uses I noticed a significant difference in the amount of blackheads on my nose and saw fewer breakouts. I really like that the device is waterproof because I use it in the shower. The massage function is pretty cool too. I wouldn't say I noticed a massive difference after using it but I did enjoy the sensation and liked giving myself extra time to wind down at night. The device is also really easy to travel with and I haven't had to charge it yet! Overall I'd say if you are looking for a cleansing device you can't go wrong with the Luna 3.
I've been hearing great reviews about the Foreo range so I was super excited to finally try it out for myself. I love that it's waterproof as I often wash my face in the shower and the skin seems really smooth and clean after every use. My favourite though is a massaging function. I apply my night cream and then massage with Foreo Luna 3. The skin feels tighter and softer straight away! Only deducting 1 star due to a hefty price tag but otherwise a great addition to your daily skincare routine.
I’ve used quite a few different cleansing & massage devices e.g. Hitachi’s Hadacrie, jade rollers, Clarisonic Mia 2 and more recently, the Clarisonic Smart Profile (CSP).  I would say from a cleaning perspective, Foreo is probably the best out of all of them!   I like to wash my face in the shower so in comparison to the Clarisonic devices (Hadacrie isn’t waterproof) I think the Foreo is great because it’s: -  a lot easier to hold in the palm of your hand.Love the size of the Foreo  & it’s so much easier to travel with. The CSP is big & heavy so I usually don’t bring it with me when travelling - Silicon bristles are more hygienic – I find my Clarisonic brush heads get mouldy because it doesn’t dry quick enough - Silicon bristles are more gentle on my skin compared to the Clarisonic brush heads     From massage device perspective, I would prefer the Clarisonic Smart Profile because: ·       I don’t need to connect via the app to use the massage function, I can simply click a button and change the intensity of the pulsations with a click.  I found it quite annoying that I always had to connect to my phone for the massage functionality ·       The shape of the massage head have grooves &is great for the different contours of the face ·       The massage intensity is stronger and feels like it mimics more of an actual face massage & I look fresher after   Overall,  I would rate Foreo 5/5 as a cleansing device as it’s much more hygienic & economical as you don’t have to change your brush heads every 3 months.  Rating it a 4/5 because compared to the CSP,the massage functionality isn’t as great. Other feedback -  found there were lack of instructions on howto set up the device. I also spent time trying to register the device &only found out through chatting to the CS that I don’t need to do it as it automatically does it for you when you download the app.   Great device& would definitely buy the Foreo as a cleansing device. 
I hadn't previously used a cleansing device and I was super impressed. It made a huge difference. I found I could skip my usual double cleansing - no residue after using with cleanser at all. The feeling after is super clean and fresh. It's larger than expected so not sure I'd travel with it but definitely a new staple in my routine! The firming function I'm not sure I'm sold on. The app connection was a little tricky at first but pros definitely outway slight inconvenience.
This little and beautiful facial cleaning machine is a must-have item! It does an excellent job to clean my face with its very soft bristles! It's easy to carry everywhere which is great, 1since I travel often. It has been a little over a month now and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin. Acne around my jawline has also reduced very much.I love that you can take it around without the charger and I use it every day. This is one of the best skin care gadgets, i can tell by clogged pores and traces of makeup/dirt on cotton wool without it.  What I really like is with the app you can now go through a mini massage at home using the device and that feels like a pampering and amazing time with the different routines you can get from eyes lifting to jaw lifting.  Really awesome,  a holy grail that I did not notice existed before!
I love this device! At first I was unsure about using it as I thought I always had to connect it to the app, which isn’t always practical. Once I realised that wasn’t the case, I was thrilled! My face feels clean after use but not dry and tight, which I was concerned about. The massage functions are fab for a little extra luxury - sculpting around the jawline is my favourite! I haven’t had to charge the FOREO once yet. Obsessed!
I really love the Foreo Luna 3. It’s a fantastic device. It took me a while to work out that I needed to download the Foreo app first to get the Luna to work. Once I figured that out I could get going. I had never used anything like this before so the vibrations were a bit much at first. But you get used to them. I think it’s good to know that you you should only stay on one section of your face for around 15 seconds at a time.  As for the results of using this Luna 3, I have noticed that my skin looks clearer and smoother and you get a deeper cleanse than you do from just regular cleansing. I definitely recommend this product for those wanting to take their routine up a few steps and get better results. 
This was my first time using the FOREO range and I loved how the Luna 3 made my skin feel clean and clear afterwards. The bristles are soooo soft and feel gentle on my skin. I'm laying off the acids at the moment to rebuild my skins acid mantle as I've overdone the AHAs and BHAs so this is a great alternative for daily exfoliation. As someone with combination skin prone to congestion, I am always looking for new ways to keep those pesky blackheads at bay and this delivered!
Having never used a cleansing tool before, I was super excited to try the Foreo Luna 3. And I can confidently say I was not disappointed! First of all the tool itself is super soft and about the size of your palm, with silicone bristles. There are 2 functions - cleansing and massage  - which are all managed through the app, once you connect this upon first use. I have to say, although the app connection was smooth/easy, it's kind of annoying to have to use your phone to set up a tool for use in the shower/bathroom. Apart from this, the tool itself is amazing. I use it with an Aesop cleanser on about a minute cleansing setting and my skin feels so so clean and fresh afterwards - I cannot believe how well the vibrating bristles have changed my cleansing and overall skin. After use, my skin feels a lot fresher than normal and looks bright and even. I have fairly sensitive skin and have had several breakouts lately, but I think the deep cleanse I get from this has seriously helped to keep those pimples at bay, with the bristles removing all dirt every time. I also noticed my serums/moisturiser soak in much better after I use this at night. This is definitely a keeper for me moving forward!