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FOREO LUNA mini 3 is a facial cleansing and massage device for thoroughly cleaning skin. It features long silicone bristles to provide a deep and hygienic cleanse, 12 adjustable massage intensities, and a dual cleansing surface that utilises T-Sonic™ technology to create a personalised skin cleansing and massage routine. The device has a Glow Boost function that involves a targeted 30-second cleanse to allow for a faster routine. The device can be synced to the FOREO For You app for a customised routine. 

Available in five colours.

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Amazing cleansing face product !

I have to say I love this Foreo Luna mini ,my first time to try it, I know it is expensive but it is worthy for your pocket, maybe take advantage when it is on sale ;) My face is so clean after I clean it, it gives you a deep clean and my skin feels so soft after I use it. I have combination skin, sometimes I got acne before my period, It helps to clean my acne away. The best part is the anti-aging massage at the back after you clean your face, make your skin is firmer. I love this cleansing tool so much as you can recharge and easy to clean after every use. I use twice daily morning and night. I would like to recommend to everyone especially for teenager with acne.

Great investment

This is a very classic facial cleansing device which I swear by. I have used the foreo luna mini for many years and still using it every night. This device cleanse my face and neck areas much better than just using my hands and the vibrating motion also has a massaging effect. At first I was worried that the device will pull my skin but after many years of use, my skin is still very firm. Also, it is extremely easy to clean which makes my life so much easier. Yes, this device is definitely expensive but a great investment that does last and keeps my skin healthy.

Worth it

I did love this brush. For the price you can get it on sale, and the fact you dont need to buy brush heads. I found this more hygienic and gentle than the expensive competitor. Its so gentle yet cleans my nose so well, i get a problem nose it feels very yuk and so exfoliating only takes it off. The problem is i also have delicate skin but this brush is perfect. I can use it everyday and my skin feels so smooth and soft after. I have not noticed any damage to the brush head and i think it will be ok in years to come.
I wrote my original review over a week ago, however it seems to have disappeared :/ anyway, I really enjoyed my foreo for the most part, the silicone bristles are super soft and flexible and gentle on the skin, even mine which can be sensitive to stimulation. It was very effective at removing dirt and debris from the skin, leaving the skin feel is his fresh and clean, it also did an awesome job at removing blackheads and clearing out clogged pores. I did find a few down sides and that's with the product only being able to be used with an app, a few times I'd be all ready to cleanse my face and the device would no longer be synced, this would be especially inconvenient if I'm using the product in the shower. Another thing I found was when I tried to change the intensity of the vibration in the app, nothing seemed to change with the product at all. I feel I would have had an experience worth 5 stars if the app was possibly more user friendly, or if the foreo Luna could be used in conjunction with the app if one chose to do so.
I’ve been using this for sometime and I absolutely in love with part is it is super portable and I can take it everywhere I go. When I connect it to the app it’s easy to control the settings and the whole this give you an effortless cleanse.after using this my skin never felt better. My face is glowing and I no longer have a dry flaky skin. I’ve been reccomending this to all my friends. It’s super cute too..
I have always been sceptical about using mechanical cleaning devices. I never thought they actually worked. Then I tried the Luna mini 3 and oh my word this has changed my skin. I used to have really bad blackheads on my cheeks but since i have started using this device, the amount of blackheads on my skin has decreased completely. I would recommend this product to anyone and would be happy to purchase this over and over again
This is the first time I've used a mechanical cleaning device to clean my face and what a difference it makes. From the first use, my face felt super soft and vibrant, almost like you have undergone a deep cleanse on your face. It is thorough but also gentle as it moves across your skin, producing results way better than any exfoliation techniques I used to use. Although I was skeptical at first, this product has become a staple in my cleansing routine, and has amazed me by how soft and supple my skin now is using this tool.
Having owned the foreo 2, i was so excited to try the foreo mini 3. It isn't mini at all, which is a good thing. Ir has more bristles that the foreo 2 which is surprising  it is powerful and does a great job cleansing your skin and getting rid if dead skin. Your face will feel so smooth after using it once.  It has an app which allows you to adjust the intensity
I was really excited to Foreo Luna Mini 3. It truly does work wonders! I have been using twice a day, everyday for the last 3 weeks and have seen an amazing change in my skin. The mini is a deep pore cleaner, with any texture I had previously now gone. The portability and ease in using this device has revolutionised my skincare routine. Highly recommended!
I love how clean and fresh my skin feels every time I use this! The bristles are very soft and fine so they don't irritate your skin at all, unlike most physical exfoliants. It makes washing my face more of a luxurious experience, very enjoyable. One charge will last you a very very long time, and I love how it's completely waterproof so it's very convenient. I love using it with cleanser to wash my face and also after I apply serums to promote absorption.So many good things coming from such a tiny little device!
Wow this device has a lot of power! It can literally polish your face. You can adjust the intensity which is good because did I mention it has a lot of power!? If you put it up to max you can hear it buzzing over the temple- my partner and I made a joke that it is like a workshop buffer for a car - it really is! This thing is serious and I love it! My skin actually shines with a beautiful natural glow. I've always had more matte and dull skin as I am prone to dryness. I am also quite sensitive and have had no issues with this at all. The silicone is really hygienic and a quick rub with QV or gentle soap after each use is all it needs. This unit is also 100% waterproof. The charging port doesnt look waterproof so I double checked the instructions - I can confirm yes you can hold the whole unit in the shower and water can go directly into the charging hole on the device. This really is worth the money. The mini is all you need, and the battery has not needed any charging yet - I've used it twice daily for a month. Also for those who don't want to use the app you don't have to. Just press the button and you get either medium or high vibrational frequency. The app just allows you more variety of speed settings. If you are prone to dry, dull skin definitely give this a go!
I was so excited to try the FOREO LUNA mini 3! I’d heard so many fantastic things about this device and it was all true! From the first use my skin felt so soft and smooth. It’s easy to use and compact so it’s perfect for at home and travelling. You can use it in the shower too! Highly recommend!
This is the first time using a mechanical cleaning tool to clean my face and what a difference it makes. I use the Foreo with my Andalou cream cleanser and it gives a thorough, yet gentle clean. I honestly felt like my face had a deep clean. My face feels super soft afterswards and I cannot wait to try it with other cleansers as well. If you're one to wear foundation everyday, this product cleans right down to the pores. I also don't mind the vibrating sensation, which can be adjusted.
This is WONDERFUL and I'm so, so glad that I have discovered my favourite beauty tool!! After using this for a month I am delighted with the results. My skin is clearer, smoother and brighter. It's the most effective cleansing tool I've used - it makes it easier than ever to thoroughly cleanse your entire face and neck, and the fact it feels like a massage is a fantastic bonus! Since using this I have even noticed a reduction in the size of my pores. I love that the brush is silicone, so I don't have to worry about germs growing and changing brush heads every few months. It is gentle and hygienic, and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I'm finding this tool helps me to practice more mindfulness throughout my routine now, it's an everyday luxury, a moment I can thank and treat myself. I highly, highly recommend, and look forward to gifting this to a loved one.
As I was lucky enough to be sent this product from BeautyReviewCrew, I was so excited to finally experience the Foreo Luna 3 Mini. However, I have had this product for over three weeks and have not been able to use it due to complications with the app. Everything on the device works fine: it charges, turns on and pairs with my phone with no difficulty. But the app is glitchy, poorly designed and the buttons to actually start the device don’t work. I tried looking up the problem on their website and after numerous conversations with tech support (both online and over the phone) they repeatedly gave me the “turn it off then back on again” advice. Annoyed and frustrated at spending HOURS trying to get this device to work I started looking up reviews of the Foreo Mini, and I found that it is a design fault and numerous other users have had the same result as me. As of right now, I still haven’t actually used the Foreo Luna Mini 3, and I am still waiting to hear back from management to file my complaint. Would not recommend AT ALL!
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Replying to "Hi Bronte, As with any tech, one in a million might not work but there are no known issues with the app, and for most people, it’s very easy to use. We appreciate your feedback and would like to send you a replacement device." - FOREO
I was so excited to try this product and I wasn't disappointed! I could tell the difference from the first use as my skin felt so much smoother! The battery life is amazing, I have been using it everyday for a couple of weeks and still haven't had to charge it. The app is also really handy when you are out and about as you can use it as a mirror. I also like that it times how long you should spend on each area of your face. Overall I highly recommend and I now couldn't imagine my skincare routine without it.
I have the clarisonic and I must saw this blew me away there is no comparison the foreo luna mini 3 is just so much more advanced. I have suffered with acne and scarring for so long and I must say with using this religiously for 3 weeks I can see a noticeable difference in my skin texture and appearance. Used alongside good products this device gets into all those tiny places to remove makeup build up and cleanse your skin. This has helped so much also with sweating from the gym making everything feel so clean! It is so easy to charge.  It is great that you can change settings so if you like it quicker you can and you can choose it all through an app ! how cool is that.
I was a little skeptical about this but now that I've started using it I won't be going back to my routine without it. You can use it with or without the app, most the time I use it without and it's so quick and easy to use and then just give it a quick wipe down and it's clean. I used it with my cleanser and my skin was noticeably softer after one use and after using it multiple times a week I would definitely say my skin is clearer. I would certainly recommend this product.
I really enjoyed using this product! I had never used a facial cleansing brush or any other cleansing tool before, but the Foreo Mini left my skin feeling so clean after use. It’s easy to use and clean. My only criticism is that it’s difficult to hold as the handle is so small, but otherwise an awesome product that I will happily continue to use.
I started using the FOREO Luna Mini 3 about a month ago and my skin has never felt better. It works well with my cleanser providing a deep clean for my skin leaving it feeling so soft and smooth. I use it 1-2 times a day and I still haven’t had to charge it. It’s water proof which is fantastic so when your in a rush you can use it quickly in the shower so even on busy days you don’t have to miss out on your skincare routine. It’s easy to keep clean. I love the glow boost function on the app it feels great on your face it’s like getting a little face massage every night very relaxing before bed. The only negative thing is if you press the button and then need to stop it you can’t you have to wait for it to finish.  This is a great device and I would definitely recommend it to everyone it leaves your skin feeling amazing and you get a face massage everyday.