freezeframe BB BLUR

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freezeframe BB BLUR is a clear BB gel that transforms into a customised pigment on contact with skin to help perfect the complexion. The BB gel helps reduce shine, boost collagen, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten dull skin. Vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum provides antioxidant protection, while optical blur technology blurs enlarged pores, wrinkles, redness and skin discolouration.


freezeframe BB BLUR


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I have tried a few products from the Freeze Frame range and liked them but not this one. It goes on really thick and leaves my skin looking pasty and does not blend in like other BB creams I’ve tried. I really found this to be a waste of money as there are much better BB creams out there that are cheaper.
I have used this brand before,and was keen to try this when it was on sale recently. I don't really like any sort of foundation etc on my skin at the best of times...i prefer to make sure my skin is in good nick and simply highlight what i find semi presentable,and perhaps use a little concealer to cover what really doesn't need to be seen,but i am getting to like a BB now and then.This offering from Freezeframe (which is a gel moisturiser, BB cream, blurring product and anti-ageing treatment in one) comes in a handy 30 ml,very pro looking tube (all pink and white...very "clean" in appearance) that contains brightening beads to correct discolouration, blur wrinkles, pores, pigmentation and other skin imperfections,whilst feeling pretty darn good on the skin (in summer,i only ever use a gel product.In 40+ degree heat,anything more feels suffocating) It also contains kakadu plum to skin from free radical damage,among other skin loving ingredients. This BB Cream is a little different from other BB Creams, in that the gel formula goes onto the skin clear, and then it reacts to your skin tone....which is where this let me down a bit.I am a very fair,very blonde toned girl,so a "one shade does all" solution isn't always good for my colouring,and this came up a tad darker than i would wear,and it was a lot WARMER than i would use (i am a yellow based skintone,BUT not that yellow),so it was a fail there. Bonus points however went to this due to the fact that It only gives the skin a very light coverage,(personally I love that),but that said, it still managed to blur out and minimise my pores as well minor skin imperfections (i did mix it with a sunscreen to make the shade a little more me). I also like that it helped to keep my skin matte all day, and stayed put fairly well. All in all,i don't know how to really feel about this...the texture is great,the feel was not bad AND it has some really lovely ingredients...but the shade is not for me.Also,for the price (around $50),you can get better AND more product for a lot less. TIP:Apply instead of foundation in summer to give a healthy glow,with a comfortable feel.