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freezeframe BLEMISH BOMB is a two-in-one fast-acting spot treatment and cover-up concealer. The spot treatment works to purify and repair mild to moderate acne, while the concealer helps minimise the appearance of redness. 


freezeframe BLEMISH BOMB


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I have fairly clear skin, however, I do get the occasional chin pimple and wanted a product to help me deal with them. I decided to give this product a try. One end of the wand consists of Rapid Clear, a blemish-busting gel containing salicylic acid, and the other end contains Express Cover, an effective concealer. I performed a test patch of both products, as suggested, and found that neither of them caused my very reactive skin to break out. I used the Rapid Clear gel before bed on the couple of blemishes that I recently had, and found that they practically cleared overnight! Very impressive. I used the concealer in the morning on the bumps that were left and was pleased to discover that the concealer covered them up well, and the shade suited my fair skin.
I am familiar with Freezeframe,having used (with varying success) a few of their products i held out hopes of a good result here,but alas,no joy. I received this a few days before needing it (once a month,right on schedule),and when i saw it,i was intrigued. Firstly,this comes as a double ended,portable end is the Rapid Clear purifying spot treatment gel (a clear,slightly "medicinal" scented gel that dried quickly,didn't feel "tacky" or "irritating" at all to me,so it held up under makeup well),which claims to provide "95% bacterial growth inhibition in just 30 minutes".Now whilst,no doubt,bacteria DOES play it's part in the breakout cycle,hormonal factors are more likely to be the bad guy here....and no gel is going to fix that.I DID find the gel reduced some swelling and redness,but by no means did it eradicate my pesky chin and cheek mountains. The other end is an anti-redness clearing concealer,that i personally,was wrapt was perfect for my very fair skintone,and was not like a beacon to a ship on my face (if you are a medium to dark skintone,this may not work for you),and it did a good job at hiding my imperfections for a day at work.It too dried quickly...with no irritation,no "cracking" or fights with my sunscreen (it blended well with it).I just cannot say,that after twice a day application of the gel,and daily use of the concealer,that i REALLY noticed and substantial difference in my skin,so i was sadly disappointed with it for that,and i really don't have an issue with breakouts as a rule (i am waaaay past being a teen,and i have a drier,more "mature" skin that gets a zit or two at "that time" every four weeks,so i don't hold high hopes for those who truly suffer with constant,angry acne). The big pluses i will give the Blemish Bomb is the fact that this is so portable....your pocket can take this,so any little touchups can be done on the go easily,and the fact that this is a two in one hit product....treating the problem whilst disguising the aftermath.If the Freezeframe company came up with a different formula that REALLY tackled blemishes,and had the concealer in different hues for skintones other than mine,this could blow many other products out of the water (a certain one in particular that i love,and which does work,i am looking at you....MB). All in all,i don't think i will be trying again with this (or maybe i might give it a second chance,after all,we all deserve that),but you may get a better result,as breakouts on people my age are notoriously hard to can only try it for yourself,and at under $30,it's worth it for the concealer alone. TIP:Use the clearing gel day and night for some potentially zit zapping effects,and the concealer end for diguising redness during the day.Also,consider applying the gel with a cotton tip OR clean fingers rather than the doe foot applicator supplied if you have serious,cystic type acne to avoid spreading the little devils.