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freezeframe MAGNALASH are synthetic magnetic false lashes that allow for fast lash application. The lashes are reusable and can be worn for up to 40 uses.


freezeframe MAGNALASH


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The set of eyelashes are packaged really nicely - each top and bottom and right and left lashes are housed in a separate compartment to help you remember which part it is, unless you manage to drop them on the floor and they get mixed up! This is not unlikely as they are really quite fiddly to apply. The lashes are only half the width of your eye and is meant to be applied toward the outer corner of your eye for a cat's eye look. Unfortunately they were too long and did not rest well against the curvature of my eye so it looked quite odd. The magnet is only in the centre of the base of the lash and does not run along the base of the lash. I found it marginally easier to apply by placing the lower lashes against my natural lashes before applying the top lashes on top sandwiching my natural lashes. No matter how hard I tried I found it very difficult to place them close to the base of my lashes. You can easily remove the false eyelashes by sliding the magnets against each other in opposite directions but don't be surprised if you do lose some of your natural eyelashes in the process. I wouldn't be confident enough to wear these out for fearing of them falling off. They are also too long to look "natural" on me so perhaps they may need a trim. I will stick to mascara to lengthen and add volume to my lashes instead!
I have seen so much hype about magnetic lashes and I was so wanting to try them especially when I suffer from very short, light sparse eyelashes.  Finally got my hands on them and as much as I tried to make them work, they didn't do anything for me.   I think I watched so many videos on how to actually do it all but with no success.  I guess I was disappointed that I couldn't get them to work for me.  Didn't help that my eyelashes are hard to find and eyesight is probably not the best either.   I do like the idea of them  being reusable and you could use them for 40 uses.   For ladies that can accomplish to apply them, all I can say is Good On You. 
Great concept. Poor execution.  Magnetic closure box houses 4 pieces: 2 for each eye (lower and upper part of the lash that magnetize together). They are all labeled. And after use you return each piece that sticks with the help of magnet back in its place for the  next use.  Easy to apply. But magnet placing is so bad. There is only one dot of a magnet. In the middle of the lash. And as they are straight, and your eyes curve, the lash ends will stick out and not follow the lash line. At all. Looking super  weird.  Please FF people, place magnets also  at each end of the lash , not just in the  middle.
While I thought this was an ingenious idea, the execution of the product was a huge miss.  I was so excited to try false lashes that were magnetic because then I thought I could incorporate them as part of my beauty routine more often.  I was really disappointed in the product.  The lashes weren't flexible so you couldn't fit them onto your own eye.  Second, I was confused about how to apply it, trying to get both magnets to touch and stick together took so long that I gave up several times before I went back to try it again. When it did finally work it didn't look that great.  They were near the outer corner of my eye and it looked uneven.  Taking them off was challenging as well, I didn't know how to separate them and it ended up being really painful as managed to grab some of my lashes in the process.
I have tried false lashes before but they always take me a long time to put them on which is why I was excited to try out the magnalashes as I thought they would be much easier than false lashes that you would have to apply with glue. Boy was I wrong. First of all, the lashes didn't fit that well onto my own lashes and it didn't curve properly and instead would stick out making it look unnatural.  Second, putting it on took FOREVER. You had to take one of the lashes and put it on the top part of your own lashes and then place another lash underneath so the magnets would still together.  It was sooo challenging and after 20 minutes I finally got it on.  When it came time to take it off it ended up pulling out some of my eyelashes.
I had high hopes for these but the didn't work for me. hey came really nicely packaged in a white magnetic case. In the set there are four eyelashes, top and bottom for each eye. These ones are half lashes for the outer sides of the eye. I have quite small, hooded eyes, so the shape of these really just didn't work for me. They have really straight and stiff bands that have no flex to them at all and the single magnet in the middle of the fake lash really doesn't help to contour them to the lash line. For my eyes, the band was too long, as the lash length. I applied mascara and curled my lashes before applying, but this did not help. I also cut the lashes to make them shorter at the lash line, but since they are straight, they stick out at the ends in a very obvious way. I will say that they are quite easy to apply. As long as you line up the top where you want, the bottom lash will clip on easily and they don't fall off. Literally, it takes 2 seconds. But unfortunately for me, it was the shape of these that were the problem. It would be great if they came in different styles of different eye shapes. Also magnets on both ends would help them to mould better to the eye.