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FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube is a 100% natural, water based aloe lubricant, formulated with love. Featuring regenerative and protective Australian native botanicals, these native gems assist with moisture retention, and are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. The long-lasting formulation ensures satisfaction, so FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube won’t leave you craving more. The lube is housed in a très chic bottle that looks right at home on any bedside table. Plus, the easy-to-use pump dispenser ensures your hands are only momentarily away from the task at hand. FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube is vegan, cruelty free and free from glycerine and parabens. It features a pH balanced, hypoallergenic formulation. Latex friendly for use with Frenchies.

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FRENCHIE Oh La La Water Based Love Lube


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Friendly lube that's marketed towards women

There is so much ti love about this product. So lets start with that. Firstly, the packaging is on point!! Beautiful colours, nice in the hands and pump is easy to use. It's discreet packaging means you don't have to hide it away, and can sit out in your bedroom without any shame. I love how the product is water based and has no nasties, vegan friendly and no fragrance to distract from the moment. However, the big con for me was how quickly it disappeared. It didn't leave a sticky residue, but seemed to soak into the skin or evaporate quickly, so it's very easy to use a lot in a go. It might be better suited to just get things going, or used on toys since it's safe on silicone toys, rather than for other foreplay activity that may need something longer lasting. Is the product worth trying? Definitely. Am excited to see other products from the brand.
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Best lubrication I’ve ever used.

What a great and subtle lube— something that everyone needs in their bedside table, because when you need it, you really need it. This subtle looking bottle is super discreet and could easily be mistakes for a skincare product. Unlike other lubes that are obvious and in a ugly looking tube, she is pretty and definitely designed with women in mind. I really like the packaging. Huge bonus, and I’d buy it for this alone. But luckily the product itself it also lovely. The formula is quite thin and non-sticky. It feels silky and smooth when in action. No gross hands or mess from thick and sticky products. The pump applicator really makes it easy to distribute the perfect amount and creates less mess. I noticed that it had no fragrance either. Overall, this is an excellent option for personal lubrication. It doesn’t make me feel insecure with it sitting on my bedside table. It looks chic and not obvious in the slightest. The ease of use and lovely feeling product makes me so happy I have this product. Not using any other lube after this.
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Only the best outcum

This lube is oh la la for sure, it is the cutest bottle of saucy goodness! It comes with a generous amount of product and did just what it is meant to do! It did not irritate my skin, it didn't dry too quickly and prepared the situation for the best possible outcum. I did notice that it had a slightly sterile scent that I thought was a little funny however, my partner didnt mention a thing. I would recommend this for anyone needing a more practical but luxurious option when it comes to lubes, this is a great essential for the bedroom.
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Worth a try

A lube that has a luxury look packaging and is very discreet to the point it looks like it could be a moisturiser. This lube has a lovely silky and smooth texture and the formula has no scent and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and when it came into contact with the product I didn't suffer any issues with it so I definitely would recommend it for those with sensitive skin. Having a pump applicator on the bottle made it super easy and fuss free to dispense. I highly recommend this lube as I found it to be a very good product and it is beautifully packaged.
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Oh yes Oh La La

It's official, the Frenchie Oh La La lube is my favourite lube ever. It's not sticky, doesn't dry up quickly and the packaging is so lovely I want to display the bottle on my bathroom vanity with my skincare. Side note - This bottle of lube makes me feel like I've got my sh*t together because it is more on the boujee side of things. At this stage in my life, I will take anything or everything to make me feel boujee. The bottle size is generous, so it lasts a while ladies! I'm not 100% sold on the scent - smells a little like makeup remover wipes? Which is a somewhat nice smell but not my absolute favourite. I will be purchasing again and telling all my friends about Oh La La Water Based Love Lube.
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Moisture moisture!

First up the packaging for this brand is so adorable! It's fun and funky, everything that remebles your time spent in the bedroom! It's also on point from a branding perspective resembling the French flag! I find the branding discreet which means I would feel comfortable have this in the bathroom cupboard or beside your beside table. Being a water based lube it's free from parabens and glycerine. I can often react to certain lubricants, however this one features native botanicals which are an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. The formula is also pH balanced, hypoallergenic and fragrance free which means it's going to hydrate and stablise the area rathe than drying it out. Overall I would recommend this product. It's good to have on hand in times of need when you need a little extra moisture.
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Hydrating Lube

Firstly, the packaging is LUXE. Similar to a pretty perfume or skincare item. The pump makes it really easy and tidy to use. The formula is water based, with no oily residue, hydrating, with a good amount of slip. Although this is the case, the effect doesn’t last for too long. Fast evaporation could be a positive or negative. So probably not for someone who needs a lot of slip, for a long time. I don’t love the “clean Beauty” messaging that comes with it, but I did enjoy the experience and would purchase this.
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Would recommend

I absolutely love this product. I would recommend to family/friends and I would purchase again. Great quality product. The product is of lovely high quality packaging. It was delicate for the skin and those intimate places. The smell was subtle and nice. I had no reaction to the product and believe it is a true representation of the product. I would recommend and I would repurchase. I absolutely love this product. I would recommend to family/friends and I would purchase again. Great quality product. The product is of lovely high quality packaging. It was delicate for the skin and those intimate places. The smell was subtle and nice. I had no reaction to the product and believe it is a true representation of the product. I would recommend and I would repurchase.
Incentivized Review

Good lubricant, lovely packaging

I have to say that I really haven’t been wildly excited about this product. It is a good lubricant, and it does the job...but it didn’t necessarily outperform others I have used. I didn’t find the slip lasted as long as other products I have used, though perhaps I wasn’t using enough. I will say though, I have pretty sensitive skin (everywhere) and this product didn't cause any irritation, which meant I could get on with a good bit of extended play... My favourite thing about this was the packaging, it feels quality and looks like skincare so it can sit happily and discreetly on a nightstand, without having to pop it away for fear of embarrassment. I also loved that it had a pump to ensure there were no overzealous applications! Mine is sitting with all the lotions and potions near my bed ready to go. Overall it does what it says on the bottle, but not really an absolute must for me.
Incentivized Review

Love and play moisturising lubricant

I like the box packaging of this lube. It has a metallic printing for the brand F. I do like the white bottle with the F for the brand in metallic. It is discreet enough packaging that you can leave on bedroom dresser or makeup cabinet as it does not look like a lube. The bottle is a good size of 100mL and I only needed one pump for use with my partner and for use with the double entendre. It is a good value lube as you don’t need much. I like that the lube is non sticky and feels very natural. A lot of lubes I have previously used leave you feeling sticky and can be unpleasant to use. I had no irritation issues or ph issues with this lube. The lube is ph balanced and is a natural lubricant with aloe Vera in the product. The lube does not have a scent which I prefer as fragrances can often irritate me. It is a clear gel with a non sticky feel. I did not need to reapply this lubricant. Overall I feel it is a great lube to help in the bedroom to avoid dry moments. Overall a top quality lube that I would recommend.
Incentivized Review

Ticks a lot of boxes for a lubricant!

Starting off with the appealing packaging- it comes in a box that doesn’t scream ‘lube’ which is a massive bonus for me personally and when you open the box and see the simplistic design of this bottle and mature appearance it makes the product even more of a bonus. I also loved the name ‘Frenchie’ and ‘Oh La La love lube’- like how good are those names for intimate items!! I've tried a lot of lubricants and the Oh La La love lube I felt is one of the best that I have tried. A lot of other lubricants are either too thick, too runny or dry out too easily but not this lubricant. It doesn’t leave you feeling gross with that sticky feeling that some lubricants do. This product also only requires a couple of pumps and seems to last a very reasonable time and a lot longer than others out there on the market. It’s a very reasonably sized bottle as well being 100ml and you only need a couple of pumps each use so it will be stretching a long way and will be giving me a long time use of pleasure. It doesn’t have a fragrance either which I prefer. Being a water based lubricant as well means that it is ‘pleasure toy’ friendly so I was able to use this with my vibrator. For those that are looking for a Vegan friendly product, this also ticks that’s box and it is also made from naturally derived ingredients which means there are no harsh chemicals that will be entering my body. Not only that, the oh La La love lube also is a pH balanced formulation which is another big tick for me. My partner also agrees with me that the oh La La love lube is one of his personal favourites as it doesn’t give that sticky feeling he feels a lot of others do. He was also very impressed with the pump lid as opposed to the lids that you need to open and shut, having the easy to access pump just rules out one more step while you’re in the moment. He also said that when he’s ‘down there’ it doesn’t have a strong taste associated with it like some lubricant do of chemicals. Definitely a lubricant that I would be recommend to my girlfriends. This is certainly going to be the only one I will be using from now
Incentivized Review

Nice product

To start with, this is a really nice product. The packaging is beautiful. It looks like skin care, not some sleazy tube that has been rolling around the draw for years. It is discreet and to some degree, you wouldn't be embarrassed if someone came across is in your drawer. This product is silky and smooth and did not cause any discomfort. Lube is not something i use very often because it can really easily become a little much and ruin the sensation, but this was gentle and gets the job done. Its non sticky formula is great and the fact it doesnt feel like it lingers after you are finished with it. The fact it is non scented is also a win!
Incentivized Review

Does what it says!

FRENCHIE Oh La La Love Lube comes in a super discreet white bottle. Like all of their products I love the fun and clever product name and also love that it’s a 100% natural, water based product to ensure minimal upset to sensitive skin. The product is easily dispensed from the pump bottle and is used in the same way as other lube products. I liked that the product didn’t have an offensive smell and the substance was slick but not unappealing. The product being water based was also easy to wash off. The product does what it claims to do and I would highly recommend.
Incentivized Review

Slimline and non sticky!!

I received this product as a review crew member and can I just say I’m so thankful, I normally hate the really of lube as it is sticky and smells bad but this one is so unique, the texture is so light weight and didn’t feel sticky at all, and I loved that it was non scented made it more pleasant to use , the packaging is absolutely beautiful and so sleek and looks good I’d happily have this on display as it is hardly recognisable as line because the packaging is so modern and slimline you would hardly know it’s a lubricant definitely be a repurchase!!
Incentivized Review

Non-sticky lube

This is a great overall lube. Being 100% water based, it isn’t sticky at all but isn’t too watery at the same time. It applies and spreads well and a little bit goes a long way. It doesn’t absorb or dry too quickly either so you don’t need to reapply as often. It washes off easily which is a bonus! The packaging is so cute and sleek with the French colours. The pump is very easy to use and doesn’t leak which is great. There is a very faint chemical smell but not enough to cause any irritation or be unpleasant to use.
Incentivized Review

Ooh la la love

A water based lube that is packaged beautifully and discreetly that could almost be mistaken for a hand cream. The formula has a lovely silky and smooth texture that glides on easily and makes for a great experience. The formula has no scent and isn't irritating for anyone with sensitive skin. It was absorbed in and didn't leave any sticky or tacky residue. I really like the pump applicator on the bottle and it made it really easy and fuss free to dispense. The pump also made it less messy and you can dispense the perfect amount. Overall, this was a wonderful product and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a water based lubrication that is scent free and is easy to use with the pump applicator.
Incentivized Review

A fantastic, moisturising lube

Lube is something that everyone will need one day but many don’t have it when the moment arises. However, this one from FRENCHIE is a fantastic one to have in your bedroom kit because it is moisturising, non-sticky (but still with lots of slip) and the packaging is cute and discreet enough to have on your dresser with no one the wiser. The bottle is incredibly convenient and easy to open and the square shape makes it easier to use and keep a hold of when in the moment. There is no strong scent to distract from any activities and it is easy to wash off if you have used too much or got too into the moment and discovered it in places it has no need to be.
Incentivized Review

Gorgeous self-starter for the self-lubricating

This is a lube I'd be happy to have on my bedside table. The packaging for this brand is immaculate and definitely draws the eye. The size is good for storing in the bedside draw or on the table, and the pump-release is a great no-mess alternative to some of the capped lubricants you see on the market. The product itself has its pros and cons. It is non-sticky, feels very natural and non-scented. Great for first-timers or women with vaginas who don't really like lube but need a little assistance to 'get going' in the bedroom. However, it is probably not suited to s*x where self-lubrication after a little helping hand from Frenchi is NOT possible. This lube disappears after a few minutes, either soaking in or evaporating, so for an@l s*x or other s*x where self-lubrication is not possible, you're better looking at a longer-lasting formula. That being said, the Frenchie is great for first timers who want a little extra pleasure with their silicon-based sex toys, thanks to it being water-based (oil-based lubricants can ruin silicon toys). I'm excited to see what this brand comes out with next!

Oh La La Love Lube

The Frenchie love lube comes beautifully packed every detail is lovely from the clever colours resembling the French flag that matches the name Frenchie to beautiful detail gone into the labelling. I must say for a lube going on the packaging alone it looks very luxe and appealing and to any untrained eye you could easily mistake it for a body lotion. The lube comes in a shiny white plastic bottle with a very simple take off lid very easy to remove also tested using only one hand effortless, same goes with using the pump to dispense the lube came out straight away it is to time for waiting around here. Only needed one pump and off we went. The lube as a lot of slip, but my favourite part about this lube is that it doesn’t have that typical sticky or tacky feeling it felt natural to me not like a foreign fluid. It also absorbed well and felt as if it also moisturised at the same not. I have since tested it also on the back of my hand it is clear in colour, to me it does not have a scent which I liked. and honestly the skin on the back of my hand felt amazing so I was onto something. Being 100% natural water based lube that only enhanced my experience not hinder but feeling sticky or extra messy it I would highly recommend this this anyone.