FRENCHIE The Beret Condom 0.05 +Hyaluronic Acid

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While there’s no rule book for sex, condoms are another story. FRENCHIE likes our stories to have happy endings, which is why we created the FRENCHIE Beret Condoms with Hyaluronic Acid.

The Beret Condoms are housed in an easy-open buttercup enclosure, meaning you open them the right way up, every time. Au natural, these condoms are created without any synthetic ingredients: better for you, the planet and your tastebuds.

Size doesn’t matter, but at 0.05mm, the ultra-thin design of FRENCHIE Beret Condoms with Hyaluronic Acid let’s you get up close and personal, while keeping everyone involved protected.

Plus, we’ve incorporated a water-based Hyaluronic Acid lubricant, because friction is one ‘f’ word that has no place in the bedroom. Simple? Safe? Oui Oui!

The not-so-naughty details:

• Hyaluronic acid lubricant

• 100% natural rubber latex condom

• Electronically triple tested for safety

• Unique Buttercup design (never guess which way is up!)

• TGA approved and registered

• 0.05mm ultra-thin

• Low-odour & fragrance free

• Vegan & Gluten free

• Au Natural & Free of Synthetic Ingredients

Ingredients: Natural Rubber Latex, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid Lubricant), Cornstarch Powder, Magnesium Carbonate

Summary for ARTG Entry: 336931 MCM Brands Pty Ltd - Basic male condom, Hevea-latex

x3 / x12
$4.20 / $12.50


FRENCHIE The Beret Condom 0.05 +Hyaluronic Acid


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Incentivized Review

Very safe indeed

I was sent FRENCHIE Beret Condoms with Hyaluronic Acid to trial. I was really impressed at how discreet these are, the packaging is great and they are really thin to use. They come out of packaging well and are easy to fit on, and feel comfortable on. They are quite moisturising and lubricating which is nice if you suffer any dryness. They are very well priced to and come in a small box sp they are easy to carry if you need too. They are a fun brand abd very important to practising safe sex.
Incentivized Review

Clever packaging

If hyaluronic acid is good for your face, it's got to be good for everywhere else, right!? This wasn't the product I thought needed this wonder ingredient, but it delivered on everything it promised. The stand out feature would have to be the packaging though, it's certainly not what you're used to. The 'buttercup' design makes it quick and easy to open and always has the condom ready to go, taking away that awkward scramble when you're trying to figure out which way is up. Would definitely recommend.
Incentivized Review

The "beret"? lol

This brand is cheeky with clever marketing and play on words. The "beret"? lol. They have a positively different style to most brands. The product comes in convenient buttercup packaging which are easy to store and open. I was surprised to see this type of packaging and wonder why no one else has done it before. While many people, including women who have done beauty research, know that hyaluronic acid is hydrating, I think they should put the word “moisturising: in front so that “acid” conjures up less memories of painful stings that traditional acid causes. The product itself is ultra thin and well lubricated.
Incentivized Review

Good condoms

I actually don't need condoms, but thought I would try these out with my partner to see how they felt. I'm no expert in regards to condoms, but they seemed quite thin and I didn't really notice my partner was wearing it! I would recommend for any ladies out there who want a thin condom and they were easy to take out of the package and put on my partner. He quite liked them too! I think these condoms are quite expensive, but for piece of mind and since they are quite thin, they would be a good investment, as everyone should be practising safe sex at all times!

Condoms- works for vaginal dryness

I was sent Frenchie The Beret condoms in a special VIP box in June and was asked to try it out. I am 46 and have three beautiful children. As beautiful and rewarding as they are I don't have the energy for anymore so condoms are, for the moment, the chosen form of birth control for my husband and I. These ultra thin condoms come in a box of 12. They are vegan friendly and made out of natural rubber latex. These particular ones come lubricated with hyaluronic acid (I'm not too sure how that works though - but it does). Each condom comes housed in a pod type packet with a peel off seal. The condom is placed in the packet, reservoir tip up so that it is easily grasped and can be rolled on without worrying which way is which. Unfortunately, my husband is not a fan of condoms and hates the way they desensitise him, as for me, I was very impressed. Due to my age I suffer from vaginal dryness during sex, and find that sex with condoms is not an earth shattering experience but with these condoms I did not have that problem at all. I was not uncomfortable at any point. These condoms get the thumbs up from me.