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Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil

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Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil is a long-lasting brow pencil that helps define the brows and create hair-like strokes to cover scars or gaps in the brows. The water-resistant formula is ideal for humid weather conditions and oily skin. 

Available in six shades.


Garbo & Kelly Brow Perfection Pencil


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This brow pencil honestly has the nicest consistency. The formula is creamy and light-weight so it glides onto my brows super easily. It is also water-resistant, so even when I'm sweating, it lasts me until the end of the day without needing to reapply. The most important thing is that it makes my brows look great - super defined and filled in, but not crazy dark or fake looking. I use light, feathery strokes to fill in my entire brow, but mostly focusing on sparser areas.  My brows are quite short and don't extend the entire length of my eye, so I always like to draw my brows a little further out. With this formula, it doesn't look like I've just drawn my brows in, it looks natural and like it was always meant to be there, which is what I love most about it! There is also a spoolie brush at the other end, which is perfect for blending out the product and making my brows look neater. I use this in the shade 'brunette' which is a dark brown that matches well with my hair. I would highly recommend this to everyone.
I have this weird little bald patch on one eyebrow which no amount of brushing and shaping can hide. I have tried other products to hide it by making it appear filled and they either cake on, look fake or only last a few hours. This doesn't do any of that, it's amazing! I have combination skin AND travel for work so I needed something that would last all day in a wide range of conditions, as I was sick of getting on a plane with great brows only to get off with not so great brows! This has been my saving grace. A great product which is easy to use, the colour I use "warm brown" is a very close match and when applied blends in perfectly.