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Garbo & Kelly Instagirl Contour Kit

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Garbo & Kelly Instagirl Contour Kit is a contour kit for on-the-go makeup applications. It contains three contouring powders and three contouring creams that are easy to blend and layer. This user-friendly palette is ideal for contouring beginners.


Garbo & Kelly Instagirl Contour Kit


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Love this palette! It has gorgeous colours, the texture of the products feels lovely and creamy and it's very user-friendly! The contour applies nice and smoothly onto the skin, and is very long-lasting, especially if you set your makeup. The peachy coloured shade, Alice, is wonderful to help cover the dark circles under my eyes - I apply a tiny amount on my ring finger and then blend it out and then go over the top with concealer, and it really works wonders! I seriously can't express how creamy and soft and elegant the cream contours are, they apply so easily and feel incredibly silky.  All of the shades, including the powder contours feel like great quality - they have good pigmentation, don't make my skin look patchy, nor do they crease or cake underneath my makeup. They're not over the top or dramatic, so are perfect for everyday and giving you a natural, 'no-makeup' face. There is also a rosy-coloured blush in the palette (Vivien) which makes my cheeks look healthy and glowing. Because my skin is quite pale, I generally don't like contours that are too dark or dramatic, so the ones in this palette work like a dream for me! Pros: - Creamy, soft and silky - Apply easily onto the face - Don't crease or go patchy - Don't make my face feel dry or cakey - Beautiful colours and pigmentation - Works really well on fair skin Cons: - The cream contours can be hard to get used to at first for beginners