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Garbo & Kelly Millennial Girl Contour Kit

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Garbo & Kelly Millennial Girl Contour Kit is a colour correcting contour kit, suitable for all skin tones. It contains five cream shades for contouring the face and three colour correcting creams to suit a variety of uses, including neutralising redness, adding luminosity and combatting dark circles under the eyes.


Garbo & Kelly Millennial Girl Contour Kit


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This was my first cream contour face palette i have ever used and iam obsessed with it! I have the shade "light to medium" which is perfect for my pale skin. I have used this product with my fingers, brushes and a sponge. I feel like sponges give you the best application of this product as its so easy to blend in into the skin. I love the colour correcting shades, especially the green as it focuses on combatting redness and i have alot of that!
This contour kit is absolute perfection, it leaves my skin looking so natural, evens out skin tone, hides discolouration and gives me a beautiful glow. I love the 3 colour correcting creams - they're my new favourite thing ever! I use the peachy colour 'Rita' for my under eyes which have some seriously dark eye bags. I don't know how it works, but the peach completely balances out the dark blue under my eyes and after I apply concealer and BB cream, it looks like I never had any bags to begin with. It's like magic! 'Olivia', the mint green is also perfect for cancelling out redness from pimples or acne. Just apply a little bit, and cover it with BB cream or concealer and your skin is good to go. And of course, the contours are incredible too! They have a lovely creamy consistency and so apply smoothly onto my skin and blend nicely. I use 'Taylor' as a highlight on my T zone and it looks super natural, because there is no shine or shimmer. 'Lucille' is then my go-to shade for contouring my cheekbones and around my face. It is a medium brown and so blends in nicely with my skin tone. You seriously get such bang for your buck with this palette, because it does it all. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to get into contouring - very easy to use and you get incredibly beautiful results.