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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Liquid Lipgloss

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Garbo & Kelly Royalty Liquid Lipgloss is a lip gloss with a mirror-shine finish that helps create the illusion of fuller lips. The formula is nut-free and contains sunflower seed oil and vitamins A and C to moisturise and nourish the lips.

Available in 10 shades.


Garbo & Kelly Royalty Liquid Lipgloss


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The Garbo & Kelly Royalty Liquid Lipgloss is housed in a transparent tube, it has a standard style of applicator, and its scent reminded me of cake. I bought Notorious which is a highly pigmented plum shade. The product felt smooth on my lips and it had a tacky formula. I only noticed the tackiness if I pressed my lips together.   Notorious had good longevity if I did not eat or drink anything. The colour smeared outside of my lips if I ate a light snack and it left a stain on drinking glasses and cups. I found it better to use Notorious with a lip pencil.  
The royalty gloss liquid lip gloss in shade papparazzi is unbelievably stunning! It is the most brightest pigmented red lip gloss i have ever seen. When swatching it or wearing it on the lips it is super pigmented with sparkles/ glitters all through it. It lasts all day and it layers well if wanting more oomph! It feels so smooth and hydrating on the lips and is so shiny and glossy! I need to try more shades!
Gorgeous colours and cute packaging! I just don't find it lasts as long as I would like, and the colour isn't as rich as I want without 2+ applications. If you do like a more translucent look than this could be good for you. I find the scent a bit too heavy, and it stays with you. The high shine does look fantastic and gives lips the appearance of fullness. 
I received these lipglosses and I have to say I have mixed feelings as they have both pros and cons. In terms of the pros, the lipglosses do actually look beautiful on the lips- they are suuuuper glossy which helps give your lips a more plumped effect! Also, if you like a pigmented lipgloss, these are very pigmented, enough so that you can wear them alone and they look like you have a lipstick on underneath. I also love the scent of the glosses, they have that sweet vanilla scent but it is nice and subtle and not overpowering. I also love the packaging, it is nice and simple and sleek. I also think they have a great range of shades that will suit a multitude of skin tones- I have a nude cool shade, which is quite unique but gives a nineties look. On the negative side, I do find these lipglosses extremely sticky, especially when you apply them all over the lips. I think they work best when you use the smallest amount in the middle of the lips to add shine, because they are just too sticky for me! However, if you don't mind a sticky gloss these might work great for you!
The Royalty Liquid Lipgloss gives the illusion of fuller lips with a glistening mirror shine finish. The rich, nut-free formula provides an intense everlasting, alluring look, while rejuvenating the lips with moisturising ingredients including Vitamin A, C and E, and Sunflower Seed Oil. Fantastic for plumping up the lips and actually quite long lasting.
A friend recommended these to me and I'm now in love. They are seriously gorgeous!! The colour payoff is amazing (slightly sheer but I love that look) and the lipsticks are pigmented, shiny, moisturising and most importantly - NON-STICKY yay!!!! A lot of liquid lipsticks I've tried are super duper sticky, but these have more of a glossy, buttery feel rather than a lacquer-like sticky feel. There are so many different colours you can choose from, my personal favourites are 'notorious' (gorgeous dark, plum-red) and 'london' (for london I do two layers for a slightly darker nude).  They may be slightly harder to apply than normal lipsticks because the formula is meant to be waterproof, but if you put some lip balm on beforehand, it glides over it smoothly! I use them over the garbo and kelly lipliners and they have great staying power. They do still get over my coffee cups a little, but nothing drastic, and the colour lasts all day. Would definitely recommend!