Garnier Body Beauty Oil Scrub

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Garnier Body Beauty Oil Scrub is a nourishing body exfoliant. It contains a blend of four precious oils including argan, macadamia, almond and rose, plus capuacu seeds to help buff and polish skin, leaving it smooth and nourished. The gel-like consistency features a subtle oriental fragrance.


Garnier Body Beauty Oil Scrub


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I am so obsessed with this scrub! Garnier has really hit it out of the park with their Beauty Oil range (I'm also obsessed with their body oil) and this scrub is a must have! It comes in an easy to use squeeze tube (perfect for the shower) and has a lovely (and subtle) floral scent. The grittiness in this scrub is absolutely fantastic!! I personally use a loofah to help distribute the product across my body but that's totally optional. A little goes a long way with this one, and it lathers up beautifully as well. Definitely made my skin feel softer and smoother after just one use (though trust me, you'll want to keep using it!). The grittiness while tough, is definitely suitable for everyday use.  Would highly recommend for all skin types! My skin was left feeling smoother and softer, the perfect canvas for applying the body oil from the same range. 
This body scrub is amazzzinnggg!!! Not only does it smell so good, it exfoliates perfectly!! I love the beads in the formula because you know you're exfoliating your skin properly and you dont have to use a lot of it each time you use it. I find that you can use a sponge or just your hands and it does the same job however i personally like to use it with a sponge. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated and the smell is to die for! i think i will use forever now - its my new favorite product!
I absolutely love this sweet centered oil scrub and would recommend it to everyone. I started using this product before I fake tanned and found that it left my legs unimaginable glossy and smooth to the touch. The cream smells like argan oil and is a gel-like consistency. If I apply this everytime that I tan I usually get about a months use of the tube which is amazing! For such a great price this oil scrub is a delicious and effective way to achieve healthy smooth legs. 
I love this body scrub, it is by far my favourite scrub I have ever tried and I have repurchased it many times. The scent is delightful, and the exfoliant particles are not too harsh but work effectively. I love that it doesn't harm the environment, as the exfoliant particles are not plastic microbeads. This scrub is so affordable and leaves my dry skin feeling soft and moisturised. I love to follow up the scrub by applying the matching Beauty Oil from the same Garnier range.
This is by far my favorite body scrub i keep trying others but nothing comes close for me. It leaves my skin so soft and fresh and applying moisturizer after feels so smooth. I highly recommend this product for everyone especially people with dry skin. And not to forget the smell of this product is absolutely amazing.
Loving this gorgeous floral scented scrub. At under $12 for such an effective product you really can't go wrong. It smells amazing for a start, feminine and pretty, the product itself has a gel consistency which lathers up well and the exfoliating beads are super fine and really gentle so great for sensitive skin. Garner really delivers with excellent value for money and this scrub works so well it's like a mini day spa in a tube, so handy. I love that it contains such beautiful oils Arian, rose, macadamia and almond so it leaves my skin super soft and silky after use, nourished and moisturised. This scrub effectively removes dead skin cells for reguvenation and is excellent at prepping legs for summer tanning products. The handy tube eliminates waste and mess and is easy to use under the shower I just rub it in with my hands, no need for a mit and it rinses off easily. I adore this, especially for summer, a garner winner I would highly recommend
The Garnier Beauty Oil Scrub is hands down my holy grail body scrub! There are so many things I adore about it. Firstly, the formula is spot on – it has the perfect amount of grittiness (not too little, not too much) and the grit comes from crushed seeds, so it isn’t harmful to the environment. Secondly, the combination of almond, macadamia, almond & rose oils is incredibly moisturising (not to mention they smell amazing), so it doesn’t dry out the skin like some scrubs do. Thirdly, the plastic squeeze tube packaging makes it perfect for the shower (no need to worry about unscrewing a lid and having water getting in). Lastly, this scrub is easily accessible being sold in most stores, is incredibly affordable (rec retail $11.95), and is often on sale. I use this once or twice a week and have found that one tube will last me a couple of months.  I have gone through countless tubes of this scrub and can’t imagine ever using anything else.  Highly recommend! 
Garnier...a brand i adore for "really do work" products,and this was no different.Argan oil is everywhere these days,and with good nourishes like no one's business,feels divine,smells even better and the effect lasts ages,so add that liquid gold to a Garnier product,and you have body heaven.This gritty (but not harsh) gel smooths even the driest of bods,and leaves a silky feel after (and a gorgeous,soft scent).If you faux tan,this is the MUST HAVE prep product to ensure tan perfection,and is lush to use right now during winter to keep dry,scale-y skin at bay.Use after cleansing in the shower a few times a week for a spa feel at home.TIP:Feet looking a little worse for wear ? Give them a good scrub with this,slather on a foot balm and pop on some socks before bed to awake with tootsies Cinderella would envy. 
This is the only body scrub I now use. Oils have been making their way into our beauty regimes recently and combining them with a quick and easy shower scrub is a brilliant idea. The scrub is kind of translucent when you squeeze it out, with the exception of the beads. It smells amazing! You don't even need to use a mitt or sponge I just scrub it all over with my hands then wash it off. I keep it in my shower and use it about once or twice a week. You can definitely tell after you've used it because your skin is exceptionally softer and smoother. I will definitely continue to buy this product.
This body scrub comes in a 200ml squeeze bottle. It contains several moisturising oils, argan, macadamia, rose and almond oils. The scrub is floral scented and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Skin is left feeling smooth, soft, hydrated with a slight hint of floral scent. Easy to use and great for anyone wanting smoother, softer skin.