Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner

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Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner is a nutrient-rich conditioner for coloured hair. It helps smooth and detangle strands and lock in colour radiance. Grape seed oil improves hair health by delivering nutrients into the hair fibre, while acai berry extract helps boost shine and colour.


Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner


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Prolongs colour and smells great

This conditioner smells lovely. It is nice and thick but does not weight your hair down. I've just started colouring my hair again recently and this has helped prolong the colour.
I have salon coloured hair so, for me, a conditioner has to leave my hair feeling well hydrated and nourished, plus shiny and healthy looking.  I don’tusually partner up my shampoos and conditioners, and I’m not really loyal to one brand although I do have my favourites.    I had been using the Color Last Shampoo so I grabbed a bottle of the Fructis Color Last Conditioner when I was grocery shopping to see how well it worked.    After washing my hair with the matching shampoo I squeeze out some conditioner from the 250ml red plastic bottle.  This conditioner has a thickish consistency so I smooth it between my hands before applying to my hair, working through the strands.  The conditioner coats my hair effortlessly and when I rinse it out my hair is silky smooth and tangle free.  After blow drying my hair it looks well nourished, sleek and shiny with no flyaways.    I like how this conditioner is enriched with a shot of fortifying fruit actives which supplies hair with the optimum injection of nourishment for hair health, shine, resistance and protection which can be seen in the results.  I consider the Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner to be an economical hair conditioner which does a very good job, and one which I am happy to recommend.  
I colour my hair regularly at home, only very occasionally l lash out and have it done professionally.  My hair needs looking after, so l go to products that can help maintain the hair colour and shine of my hair.  I have used expensive hair products like Pureology and products you can buy from the supermarket as l like to vary the products l use on my hair. Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner is just one of those products you can buy from the supermarket and it has a partner shampoo.  Both contain grape seed oil which helps with the care of your hair strands and the acai berry which help  maintain the colour and shine.  Garnier Fructis Color Last Conditioner it makes my hair feel soft and easier to style.  It is assuring to know that both products help in maintaining hair colour, l am very happy using these two products. It also is in a red bottle as is the shampoo so you cannot miss seeing them on the shelf either in the supermarket or your bathroom. Both products are budget friendly.