Garnier Fructis Color Last Shampoo

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Garnier Fructis Color Last Shampoo is a nutrient-rich shampoo for coloured hair. It smooths the hair’s surface and locks in colour radiance. Grape seed oil improves hair health by delivering nutrients into the hair fibre, while acai berry extract helps boost shine and colour.


Garnier Fructis Color Last Shampoo


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l colour my hair mainly at home, occasionally lash out and have it done professionally. But when it comes to shampoos for coloured hair l must admit that l do vary from the expensive brands like Pureology to the inexpensive brands that you can find in the supermarket just like Garnier Fructis Color Last Shampoo. The ingredients in the Garnier Fructis do clean my hair very well and leaves if soft and shiny. The Grape seed oil is to assist with making my hair healthy and the Acai Berry assists with maintaining the colour, simple.  I wash may hair every second day, even on the second day my hair still looks like l have just washed it with Garnier Fructis.   It lathers well and the fragrance is lovely as fills the bathroom.  All that for $5.95.  The red bottle makes it stand out on the shelf.
I usually use a salon brand shampoo for my colour treated hair but when I ran out of shampoo a few weeks ago I decided to check out what was available while I was in a supermarket.  I use quite a few Garnier products, and have used shampoos and conditioners in the past, so when I saw the Garnier Fructis Colour Last Shampoo on the shelf I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it.  The shampoo is packaged in a distinctive Garnier Fructis style plastic bottle in a nice shiny red.  The bottle has a flip-top lid and holds 250ml of product.  When I flipped the top I could immediately smell the sweet scent – I had forgotten how fruity the Garnier shampoos and conditioners smell.  To me the shampoo smells like strawberries but I could be wrong, however the description states that the formula contains nutrient rich acai berries, plus there’s a mention of grape seed and citrus in the ingredients.  But, I love the fruity smell as I wash my hair.  I always do a double wash –the first to get rid of any hair product, and the second to wash my hair.  Each time I’ve washed my hair with the Fructis Colour Last the first application of shampoo hasn’t lathered very well, but after thoroughly rinsing and then re-applying shampoo there has been a really good lather, leaving my hair feeling really clean.  My hair is reasonably short, coloured in shades of dark and lighter blonde so I’m always looking for that deep, healthy shine.  When I run my fingers through my hair after using the Fructis shampoo it feels soft and smooth – a great feel.  Once I have used conditioner, my hair certainly looks brighter with the different shades of blonde looking more pronounced.  The Garnier Fructis Colour Last Shampoo is a great price and can be bought at any supermarket or pharmacy.  I can recommend this product to anyone with colour treated hair who wants to maintain their colour and have soft,  manageable hair. 
You probably all know by now that I'm a makeup obsessed freak, but I'm just as obsessed with hair care products, as any good beauty look should start with your hair and work your way down. Having shiny, full, swishy and protected, treated hair is definitely a big part of my entire beauty look. I know the good feeling I get when I'm having a good hair day, thanks to the use of brilliant hair products like this garnier colour care shampoo. I love experimenting with home hair dye kits, and changing up my look when the mood strikes me, but in doing so, it means I have to really look after and care for my hair, treating it with the right shampoo, conditioner and mask.  Enter garnier colour last shampoo , bought at my local supermarket for under $10, so how good can it really be compared to brands like redken and pureology and oribe? Well as I found out, it's pretty damn good, better even than those more expensive brands. It treats and nourishes and pampers my dry, colour damaged hair wash after wash used with the matching conditioner. It makes my colour bright and fresh and super shiny and soft, and the fragrance of acai berry is so yummy and lingers all day long. I lather up with a double shampoo, massaging it into my roots and ends and rinsing out thoroughly then follow with the conditioner, rinse thoroughly, wrap my tresses up in my hair turban and I'm good to go. After drying off gently yet thoroughly, I comb my locks through and I'm left with clean hair that is soft, shiny, glossy, voluminous and most importantly, protects my colour like nothing else,making it look fresh and new each time I wash. So, a shampoo that is under $10 can most certainly perform just as well as, if not better than a more expensive brand. The quality of this is creamy and rich, a little bit goes a very long way and the cute red bottles brighten up my shower caddy so I feel like I'm being treated at a spa or hairdresser. It's these little but important things that really make me happy and proud to be a beauty obsessed girl.