Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious Conditioner

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Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious Conditioner is a densifying conditioner that helps create fuller and thicker hair. The conditioner nourishes hair and contains fibra-cyclane that works to refill hair fibres and expand each strand from within. Silicone-free, paraben-free and colourant-free.

Price above is for 250mL. Also available in 700mL.


Garnier Fructis Full & Luscious Conditioner


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Not much volume

I did not notice much volume at all compared to using a normal conditioner. I was a quite disappointed with this product because I found for it to work effectively you need to use the 2 other products in the range ALONG with the conditioner to notice a difference.
This conditioner comes with a flip top lid and a fruity scent. It claims to create fuller and thicker hair, which I don't think it lives up to. I do however like that it is silicone-free, paraben-free and colourant-free. One applied, it is not as nourishing as other conditioners and I found that there was quite a bit of breakage when I was rinsing it out. The texture is quite runny, like there isn't heavy/dense enough for good nourishment. It left my hair smelling fruity and yummy, reminds me of the beach and summer. This may be nourishing enough for fine hair but I have very thick long hair and this did not do much for me and definitely didn't make my hair thicker. I'd use this purely as a conditioner, not if I wanted thicker hair. Pros -nice scent -affordable Cons -not nourishing enough I would recommend this to those with fine to medium hair who want smooth tresses
This conditioner gives my hair a thicker feel and makes it fresh and clean.  It has a berry-like scent similar to it's matching shampoo.  It's a great conditioner for my oily roots and also is great for my mid-lengths but it doesn't do too much for my extremely dry ends so I'd suggest if you have very dry ends (like me) and want to use this conditioner (for thickening purposes) to use an extra conditioner made for very dry ends just on the ends of your hair.   Alternatively, you could use a treatment product afterwards just on the ends like a serum or nurturing hair oil.  If you have healthy normal hair or oily hair I think this conditioner could be perfect for you! It gives my hair a light conditioning.  My hair feels light with a slightly thicker touch. I think this conditioner is great value if you want that thicker feel but don't want to spend a lot as it does do that job very well. This product does what it says it will do. It's not great on very tangly long hair like mine.  It takes me a while to remove my tangles so using a spray-on detangling product is very useful after towel-drying the hair. I like using this conditioner with all it's matching arena of Full & Luscious products - I find it works excellently that way and I will re-purchase it again when I buy the other products in the set.   I like using it within it's proper set of  fun and girly bright pink products.