Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar – Banana

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Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar – Banana is a solid shampoo bar that helps to cleanse and deeply nourish to achieve healthier-looking hair. Blended with 94% plant-based ingredients, Garnier Fructis Hair Food shampoo bars lather and nourish like a liquid shampoo, but are made with 100% FSC recyclable cardboard packaging, meaning there is no plastic waste. Garnier Fructis Hair Food shampoo bars are a 2-in-1 solution that cleanse and care, bringing out the natural beauty in every hair type.


Garnier Fructis Hair Food Shampoo Bar – Banana


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Incentivized Review

Best thing for your hair

I am literally loving this product. I had never tried a shampoo bar. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this bar but oh my. I loved my hair so much. Because I tried banana flavoured (Can we call it flavour? Hahah) My hair smells banana. I will definitely try other hair foods. I am getting hooked up on buying these now. Also the fact that it is eco friendly and this bar gives me happiness thinking of it. I feel fresh and it works just like a shampoo. How amazing. I recommended this bar to my best friend because I loved it and now she’s recommending it to other friends as well.
Incentivized Review

Great Idea but Not an Ideal Substitute

This was the first shampoo bar I have ever tried. The packaging was simple/ convenient and I wanted to use it to help the environment but I wasn’t that impressed. Whilst the shampoo left my hair with a beautiful smell there were many flaws to this product. This product did not produce any lather and it was really difficult to use. I won’t be using it again and instead will return to my regular shampoo. I really want to find a way to reduce plastics, especially in the bathroom where we can't swap over to glass and these bars offer the perfect opportunity for change. But while the idea is great the execution isn't. I have long curly hair, so just getting the product into my hair was a chore. It definitely wasn't as hydrating and nourishing as I was expecting it to be. I will not be using this product again due to my thick hair. However, this product would suit thinner hair.