Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

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Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum is a smoothing treatment for dry, frizzy hair. It contains argan oil and apricot extract to help penetrate the hair fibre for a long-lasting sleek and smooth finish.


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum


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I was not a fan of this product unfortunately. It has a great scent, however unfortunately it leaves an oily residue on my hair and weighs it down. I tried applying the oil when my hair was wet and dry, tried using different amounts, leaving my hair to air dry and blow dried it - it still left my hair looking wet and horrible. Unfortunately I had to throw this one out.
Frizzy hair....something we all deal with at some time or another,and an issue we all equally loathe,but finding a product that 1:works,2: cares for your hair,and 3:is not going to assist in that frizzy problem by removing the affected strands altogether due to fallout caused by the sheer cost of such a lifesaver,is like trying to find a vegan croc....but Garnier has come up with a brilliant solution. Garnier is one of the only "mass market" brands that i really do love.They constantly hit the mark when it comes to products that both actually work for both you AND your wallet,whilst also being easy to find.I love several Garnier products for my hair,so i had to try this out. The Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum works to tame the dreaded "frizzies" (so needed in the horrific humidity of an Aussie summer) AND care for your hair while it's at it.,thanks to the formula containing that "liquid gold for everything" Argan Oil from Morocco.You can use it on either wet or dry hair (i love it on dry hair after I've used a straightener to keep the sleek look) and it both conditions hair whilst also being a very multi use styling aid (i have naturally curly / "kinky" hair,but i adore exploring my "straight" side on occasion too) that can both define a curl AND maintain the sleek when you want it to,but what about that "oiliness" that can come with an oil product ? Fear not dear reader,this is a lightweight,easy to use oil that gives just the right amount of frizz calming ingredients without weighing hair down and the effect lasts for hours. Now,if you are like me and LOVE a little extra incentive to use a product,the scent of this will definitely be that has a beautiful,fruity / floral scent that gives a lovely "halo" of scent,without overpowering your perfume,and it lasts all day,whilst the texture of this (a slightly "serum but more viscous" ) means that it is a pleasure to feel both in the hands AND on the hair. But what about the packaging ? This is where you get a real treat as far as ease of use goes,as the huge (and it is..150ml huge) plastic bottle comes with a pump,so unlike another brand of argan (which i do love,BUT it is more exxy AND it is a devil to control when pouring straight from the bottle) you can control the amount you use AND not worry about dropping it and having it smash (yes,i have done that with the aforementioned brand),so it is a real "user friendly" product for the bathroom,AND it costs less than a tenner,so you have to love that. So,do i reckon this is worth a look ? YES,and even more do now that summer is a minute away (as is party season). TIP:Give this a try before hopping in the pool or ocean for a little protection from the chlorine or salt.
I got a bottle of this Garnier serum for some funny amount of money on sale at Chemist Warehouse. I just needed a simple silicone based serum that would tame my frizz a bit. I do not believe that any oils can repair my hair ends, I just want my hair to look a bit better and healthier. This serum does its job. It tames the frizzy hair to some extent, it adds shine and therefore the hair looks stronger and healthier. I like the subtle scent of the product and I appreciate the bottle with a pump. It makes the application much easier and it is also mess free. The formula is like of any other silicone based serum, feels like oil filled with silicones. I do not think that the serum weighs the hair down, it is pretty lightweight and I tend to use it even to three Times a day. The hair still looks fresh and voluminous. A decent hair serum for a sensible price.
Love how it feels through my hair, tames it and smells fantastic! Stops that frizzy curl look, this product is a real Winner.
Deliciously fruity-smelling, lovely to smooth on, and works a treat on my thick fuzzy locks. I like to rub it into my fingers to warm it up a bit first, then apply to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair after straightening.