Garnier Fructis Style Manga Head Explosive Putty

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Garnier Fructis Style Manga Head Explosive Putty is a styling putty that helps create ultra-strong hold hairstyles including hair spikes and mohawks. The putty is enriched with citrus extracts and dries matte, leaving no sticky residue and washes out easily in the shower.


Garnier Fructis Style Manga Head Explosive Putty


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This is a quality hair gel, easy to apply, not sticky, stays all day, good fragrance, small tub makes it easy to carry anywhere, good value. I have used this for over 2 years now and have tried other hair gels but keep coming back to this product as it has the best results all around.
I bought this for my son who loves garnier surf hair and thought he might like this for a change for fun. while he didnt mind this he still prefers surf hair. he recently got a new trendy style that needs a good holding product and while this did the job I dont think he loves it. it smells great. It is matte and not oily or greasy and is really economical, I would recommend this for great hold
As a mum to 3 teenage boys (who spend more time on their hair than their mother does) we need a hair product that is easy to use, economical, easy to clean up and simply does the job.  This Garnier putty lives up to all of these expectations and more. I buy 4 or 5 tubs when it's on special abd the bathroom smells amazing after the bots all do their hair for school in the morning. A quick wipe over the sink and a quick tightening of the lid after usecould not make this product any easier to use. Two very big thumbs up from me and mine!