Garnier Goodbye Dry Gentle Make-Up Remover Wipes

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Garnier Goodbye Dry Gentle Make-Up Remover Wipes are makeup removing wipes for dry skin types. They cleanse skin and remove makeup and impurities. The wipes are infused with omega 3 and 6, shea butter and camellia oil to help nourish and repair skin.


Garnier Goodbye Dry Gentle Make-Up Remover Wipes


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These Garnier natural wipes are amazing! They are great at removing makeup including waterproof mascara without being harsh. They also hydrate the skin well whilst being very gentle. These are perfect for people with sensitive skin! The smell is great and very subtle. The best makeup wipe I have ever used!!
I bought this product because it said 'new' on the packaging. I love to try out new products. However this product didn't work out for me. I found the wipes are not moisturising enough. I even tried to put it up side down to retain the moisture but it didn't get any better. The plastic sticky lid is very air-tight  so I don't the product dried out. Because they are not moisturising, I have to drag the wipes on my skin in order to get the makeup off and it was not a pleasant experience The cleansing power also didn't impress me. It only removed a little bit of my base makeup and while it claimed to be effective on waterproof makeup, it couldn't even remove my normal eyeliner. I tried it a few times but they didn't seem to work on me. I ended up using the rest to spot cleanse my brush or just to wipe my hands. I was kinda sad because it didn't out. Maybe I just got the bad one, i don't know, but I don't see myself repurchase it anytime in the future :(
The Garnier Goodbye Dry Gentle Make-up Remover Wipes are a generous sized wipe which are so soft with just the right amount of dampness to wipe away all traces of makeup. The strong adhesive tab on the top of the pack ensures the wipes stay damp right to the last one in the pack. I found I didn't need to rub my face hard to remove my makeup and my skin felt clean, soft and nourished afterwards. I have mature skin which can lean towards being a little dry however I found these wipes didn't feel drying at all.  I usually use Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Milk to remove my eye makeup but I tried the wipes just to see how they would perform and they did a pretty good job.   I absolutely love the rose fragrance of the wipes so I deliberately take my time wiping away my makeup to allow the fragrance to linger.  This is another fabulous product from Garnier that works for me.
Great product.  Did a good job and left my skin feeling clean.
I find the scent of some makeup remover wipes to be quite overwhelming. These, however, smell really nice. The wipes feel thick and generous, and are soft on the skin. I didn't feel any sensitivity or stinging using these, as I have done with some other brands, so I'd recommend them if you have sensitive skin. Removes all makeup even the stubborn waterproof eye makeup (as promised on the pack) and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.
I'm a lazy gal and makeup remover wipes are always in my handbag, gym bag and on my makeup table. This makeup remover wipe is one of the best wipes which leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It is very gentle on my skin and doesn't pull or stretch my skin. It effectively and thoroughly removes all traces of dirt, grime and make up from my face. If I am wearing a lot of makeup, I use this wipe and it effectively removes makeup without drying or irritating my skin. I don't use this for my eyes because I like to thoroughly clean my eye make up off with a separate eye makeup remover. This wipe isn't rough or irritating and has a gentle clean scent, which is so mild, I don't normally notice it. I recommend this wipe for daily use for anyone who wants well priced makeup remover wipes that work to clean and refresh the skin.
Great for removing make up. Leaves face feeling fresh.
Love these. Gets all your eye make up off without harshness. Leaves your face super clean and radiant with moisture I've definitely noticed which is really nice as I don't actually moisturise.